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Thread: Effects Lists

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    Google sheet i am putting together with coding effects..

    If you know a way to code something, please leave a comment on how and why. I am always looking for ways to improve.
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    I finished up the Primary fighting styles for Soldier last night, need to make coding effects for any Gear Boost, and class features. This is all rough draft stuff, so i will need to make another pass on it later. going to work on Operative next.

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    Can you give an example all parsed out, Say for the shield spell?

    <shield type="number">0</shield> ???

    Shield (spell);<Shield type="4">4</shield>

    is this what you type into the effects line

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    no.. if you mean shield spell that adds 4 to AC..

    EFFECTS: Shield; AC: 4 (set target to self and duration 1 rd)

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    Thanks, got it to work, I was making that way to complicated, I thought that the character sheet would update in the AC section to reflect the effect.

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    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I was fiddling with the Operative's Trick attack myself before stumbling on this thread and I do have a way to automate the initial check.
    1. Add a "spell" for each of the three possible checks (stealth, bluff, intimidate)
    2. Add and ability action of the Cast Type
    3. Attack is Ability + Skill [+ Modifiers]
    4. Defense is 20 + CR

    Here's an example for the stealth check for a Lvl 1 operative with the Ghost specialisation
    Trick attack.png

    Also, something I don't really understand - why apply a "Tricked" effect to the targeted enemy?
    Isn't it less work for all parties to only apply an effect to the player, when the check is successful, which expires after their turn?

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    If I was setting that up, it would just be to indicate WHY they were flat-footed or the other one for debilitating trick....if it is just on the level 1 trick attack, setting a Tricked indicator for a single roll is pointless and too many extra steps.
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