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    Not sure if I'm looking at it wrong but grenades and AoE type weapons don't seem to do anything AoE related.... and their damage values are missing.

    All grenades just have a 1 in their damage tab... also tried using them via combat tracker etc... and no AoE effect etc.....

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    Envoy Skill expertise tab

    Looking at it it's filled of hashtagsbuild(theme name/skillname/proficiency name) I'm not sure how
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    We will announce patches as they are released. We will be having the developers working on Starfinder perform a set of fixes, and then push the update with a notification (probably here). It may be a day or two, depending on the developer's schedules this weekend.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Archamus View Post
    Does this mean that after clicking Update, this should work right now? Or do I have to do something special to update it other than click update? Or do you mean it is already fixed for the next push of the ruleset?

    Just want to check, because it is still behaving the same for me right now.
    Its been updated to are system and should start working after they push it live.
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    Don't know if this is a bug.. Can't find anywhere to ID an item if the setting for Item:Identification is turned on (or did I miss something?)

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    The calculator for the CR doesn't appear

    Isn't it part of it ?
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    oh, gosh... that's obvious in hindsight... now I can't unsee them. Thank you so much!

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    Default theme has some issues with the windows:


    Red Header Bar - Does not expand to accommodate longer titles
    Smaller windows - the frame, header, and background do not play well together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archamus View Post
    Already posted this in another comment, but this results in the incorrect resolve points. The key is to NOT close the window for adjusting Ability scores. If you close it it is basing resolve points on Dex for every character I've made, going on about 20 characters now.
    I replicated these results with the character build I was having issues with.

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    OK so after trying multiple scenarios, there's still something wrong on the Skill/Stamina/Resolve population:

    * If you drag your class over before you edit your Attributes, you get the correct Stamina populated, but your Skill and Resolve points are not correct.
    * If you edit your Attributes before you drag over your class, you Skill and Resolve points are correct, but your stamina isn't populated.

    Also, a couple of typos I have noticed in Feats:

    Blind-Fight is just listed as "Fight"
    In Harm's Way is truncated to "s Way"

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