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    All my code is in github, has been for over a year.

    You can even run this on your own home computer if you have WAMP installed.


    No need to add credits.
    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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    Hey dberkompas! I'm trying to bring this to life again but I can't get /json to bring up any data. Was this a new issue?

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    I don't know.

    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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    Do we know why it was taken down? I don't understand why a useful and harmless tool would be forced to be taken down.

    It kinda sucks because I was starting a new session with everyone new to FGU and this would have been a great time saver.

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    It was taken down for personality conflicts. <edited by moderator>

    You can install WAMP if you're on a PC, or Apache2 if you have a Mac, and just drop the code from my Github in place and run it on your own computer.

    Last edited by ddavison; October 21st, 2020 at 14:06. Reason: We would like to avoid any political debates on the site and keep a focus on gaming.
    Taking a break from RPG's, I'll be back, it may take some time.

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    Aye, I saw the instructions. Luckily I'm a programmer so I've already got a dev environment set up. So easy and straight forward, so thanks so much for that and the tool.

    I am so sorry to hear about your experiences with such people; I know it's difficult and I haven't a clue what's been said, but helpful people such as yourself do make my heart glad.

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    Let's leave it at that and not get into politics or related issues.

    Dave provided a service to this community and has withdrawn that service for reasons that appear to be related to how he was treated. That is unfortunate for all of us. Perhaps his license allows for someone else to pick up his work and deal with the community issues that he no longer wishes to.

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    I've tinkered with some of the bits on github, but eventually you'll run into json parsing errors that'll require the entire app.js to be rewritten alas. DNDB has changed the json properties and their public facing API for generating the json files on their backend and functionally where they're stored, the last bit I could resolve easily by changing the json source to the new https://character-service.dndbeyond....racter/XXXXXXX location.

    For now we're without any other options.

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    Notice this has been taken down by the author

    "This page has been removed.

    Annoyed? You should be.
    Do you absolutely need this? Please donate HERE
    No, my page has not been hacked.
    Groups forcing their beliefs through intimidation have turned D&D into something I no longer wish to play/support.
    If you really want to place blame, it all started with Adventure-A-Week."

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    Closing this thread; as the author has removed the tool.


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