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    Pre-Generated Character Extension

    Here is an extension that brings Pre-Generated Character Selection capability, similar to that in the CoreRPG ruleset, to the Rolemaster Classic ruleset. Also included is a sample module containing a couple of characters to demonstrate the extension and provide a model for developers. Enjoy!

    UPDATE!!! The extension has been updated to include an extension of the Module Export feature, the ability to open the pre-generated character sheets for preview from the list, and a bug fix for listing entries in the Library panel.

    When exporting a campaign as a new module, "Characters" is now an exportable option. Selecting "Characters" will add a Library entry called "Playable Characters" in the module, and any player characters in the campaign become pre-generated characters in the module. Open the new module in another campaign, open the Library panel, select the new module in the Library list (it will appear under the "Uncategorized" category if no "Index group" was specified during the export), and then click the "Playable Characters" entry to open the Pre-Generated Characters list. This new feature practically eliminates the need to edit the new module's XML files, unless the designer wants to add other Library reference material.

    The Pre-Generated Character list now has the typical icon for opening the detail window for an item in the list. In this case, it opens the character sheet. Changes cannot be made to the sheet - it is only for previewing the characters. This feature is available to both the GM and the players. If the GM makes the module available to the players, then they can also access the list from the Library panel. Otherwise the GM can share the Pre-Generated Character list with the players for them to see it and preview the characters. Due to the way FG2 works, ONLY THE GM can add characters from the list to the campaign.

    The "Uncategorized" category is new in the Library panel. It will appear in the Library list, even if no modules are opened. It is a "catch all" that prevents the mis-categorization of modules in the list.
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    How is this used exactly? I'm new to FG, but a Rolemaster fan from way back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac77 View Post
    How is this used exactly? I'm new to FG, but a Rolemaster fan from way back.
    Over the years many commercially produced adventure module books, for various rule systems, included pre-generated characters. These are handy for getting started without the prep time of creating custom characters.

    Other FG rulesets include this feature for the same reason, and this extension provides the feature for RMC. The included module file is an XML file to be used as a template by developers, including adventurous GMs, who may want to provide a "rogue's gallery" for players to choose from instead of creating a starter character.

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    Thank you very much for your question. I thought alot about it and my response, and I came to the conclusion that too much time delving into XML files was required to really use the original extension. As a result, I developed a new version that enables not just the conversion of a campaign to a module, but a module that includes pre-generated characters! This was accomplished by expanding the export features of the RMC ruleset. Dakadin was kind enough to offer great feedback along the way, and now both the GM and players can get a full preview of the pre-generated characters before choosing one to play.

    I hope you find these improvements useful. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

    Bale Nomad

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    Some of the features of the original Pre-Generated Character Extension have been addressed by the Rolemaster Classic V2 ruelset, because it is now based on CoreRPG. Those are the ability to include pre-genereated characters when exporting a campaign to a module and uncategorized modules not showing in the Library.

    The other major feature of the extension was the ability to get a preview of the pre-generated characters instead of just their names in a mirror window to the normal Character window. The name has been changed to reflect that it is simply a previewer replacement for the core pre-generated character selection window. The preview window has also been updated with the new "import" icon and the new "link" icon, and the "link" icon is now draggable. This last feature makes it possible to add pre-generated characters to other things like a random selector table.

    Hope you find this new version helpful.

    Bale Nomad

    UPDATE (11/3/2020): I recently encountered an error when previewing characters in modules created with a newer version of the RMC ruleset. A newer version of the extension has replaced the older one. Please place this newer version in the "extensions" folder of your FGC or FGU folder. This newer version has been tested with both products.
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