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    Random Treasure Generator Module

    If any of you GM's are like me, you may have created something like an Excel spreadsheet to generate random treasures based on the procedures described in Creatures & Treasures. Here's a Fantasy Grounds module that does that for the Rolemaster Classic V2 ruleset. It makes use of the FG table features that are now available in the FGC V2 ruleset thanks to the CoreRPG ruleset.

    Please let me know if this needs improvement. Enjoy!

    UPDATE (9/18/2020): Added supporting "Type B" Item tables.

    UPDATE (5/23/2020): After watching a couple of YouTube videos on using story templates and tables, I decided to make some improvements to the module. The resulting stories created when generating items are much nicer formatted and separate the items more distinctly to identify each of them and their associated attributes. The tables have also been improved using the multiple roll syntax instead of multiple columns in the tables. Thanks to Fantasy Grounds College and Philip Greig!

    I am using the Test channel, and hopefully that will not interfere with other users' experience. The module has been tested with both FG Classic and Unity.

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    Fantastic, and many thanks for the module.

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    Maybe something along these lines could be incorporated into the ruleset at some point?
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    I plan on adding all the tables and items in C&T into the module but I have to figure out how to get the CoreRPG tables to use open-ended rolls and how I can implement the items. The current item implementation in v2.0 actually will allow for quite a few of the items in C&T but I need to review them to figure out the best approach because there are so many exceptions and special cases. There will be some that can only have the description added but I should be able to include a few more things for them.

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