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    the trouble Ive had is the map's as the images in the books are broken up into multiple image files and not sure how to combine them into a single image. .
    Open the PDF in GIMP and find the layer for the map (you can just open a small subset of the pages to make things easier to find). Then just make a selection and copy that into a new image and then export.

    Doing it this way converts the PDF to an image with each page being on its own layer, so you hide the top most layer/page when you are done with it and move your way down the stack. This is how I'm doing it for my game of Horror on the Orient Express. And actually for anything where I'm entering the info from PDF.

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    I am also interested in a status update or any plans to release the parts that are finished. I have the physical copies now, but with covid I'm looking to move into a virtual format.

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    Hello, I've been DMing HotOE for almost 3,5 years now. Yesterday was the 85th play session. My players are have just arrived in Paris on their way back to London. We're almost finished. I suppose it will end in maybe 3 or 4 sessions.
    I do not have the PDF. I have the physical books i French. What I usually did before a session is scanning (sometimes with my phone) the handouts and the different pics I could show my players. Then I created the NPCs, (knowing that if I do not have the time, I can create them on the fly in the CT to track their HP and turn and manage the rest manually. Very simple) all in a module.
    If you have the PDFs, it will be easier for you to get the pics in the program. For the rest, it's a question of how you feel it. But never worry if you didn't get ll the info on the program. It won't prevent you from playing and having fun.
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