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    On my character sheet, the Total value overwrites the Lift/Push/Drag value since it is shifted due to the inclusion of additional fields.

    I was able to make it work by editing the XML in Zuger's extension, but others might not be able to do so.

    Here is a screen cap of how my character sheet displays:


    Without modifications, the Coins field is left of Current, and Total is left of Coins, overlapping Lift, Push, Drag. I'm using the default 5e character sheet. Maybe there's a setting I have enabled that is causing the issue.
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    On my version they are overlapping. What happens when you increase the size of your character sheet ?

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    That would probably fix it. I'll revert my change, test it, and report back this evening.
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    What does the / ccweight command do?

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    It is a function that recompute the weight. Not really useful today, but I left it in case of.

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    This is cool. Is there a way to add a toggle to each of the coin boxes? Like, if they drop it before battle, put some of it on a mount, use a floating disc, etc?
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    Would a on/off button do the job ?

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    Not sure a single toggle would do it. I am just thinking of a situation where the player wants to track certain coins they have but aren't carrying. Like in the inventory, they can designate that for every item and that determines if it counts or not for encumbrance.

    I can see a player loading his copper onto his mule or tenser's floating disc or what have you but maybe holding onto his gold or platinum. Similarly, maybe they have some gold in a stronghold or npc bank but not with them. If there were a tiny toggle for each coin box, that could do it.

    Not sure if that could be addressed with this implementation. If it could, great. If not, this is still a useful extension and I thank you for it.

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    A vehicle or second PC named "mule" or "wagon" is more versatile than just something in this extension that allows for calculating uncarried weight. But, if this extension were to allow coins to be marked as carried/uncarried/equipped like inventory items did, it might help your use case.

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    Without changing the extension you could create an item in your inventory - call it 10,236 cp (or whatever), give it a location and weight (if needed), equip/unequip as required and then remove the 10,236 CP from the money entry. Sure, it won't give you your total money all in one place, but I think it gives more options that just an equip/un-equip button next to each coin type - you'll be able to track where the coins are as well.

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