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    The weight of the coins

    Hello everybody,

    This is an extension that compute the weight of the coins for DD5E.

    This is my first extension, so advices and comments are welcome. So are bug reports (if any)

    Updated version
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    Hi Zuger, well done.

    Unfortunately you've zipped up the extension wrongly. When zipping up your extension only zip the contents of your folder not the top level folder itself. The way you have it now the extension doesn't show up in the extension list. So go back to your folder and only zip up the file called extension.xml and the scripts folder, not the folder called coins-weight.

    (You may also way to say a word or two about how the extension can be used )
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    My bad, sorry, this is a new version of the extension that is working

    The extension is very simple to use. Once activated, you will see a Coins field in the Encumbrance area. Each time you change the coins values this field will reflect the weight according to the DD5E rules. That's it
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    Nice. Please maintain this going forward through new versions.
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    nice thanks
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    Very cool extension, just what I've been looking for! Thanks.

    I've managed to split it out so you can see weight, coin weight and total weight, and per coin weight but was wondering if you had some idea for making it update the values when inventory is changed? Couldn't find quite the right syntax to make that happen - only when you changed a coin value.

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    You have a function called updateEncumbrance in manager_char.lua. Maybe you where there already ?

    I guess you have to override this method, but how you call the overridden function is still a mystery for me.

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    You will need to look at the code that updates the Current value and tell it to update the Coins+Gear value at the same time.

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    Well done Zuger! Well done.
    Question though: the ext above, it doesn't have the Coins+Gear textbox as in the pictures of this thread. Is that cause you are working on it still?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skj310 View Post
    Well done Zuger! Well done.
    Question though: the ext above, it doesn't have the Coins+Gear textbox as in the pictures of this thread. Is that cause you are working on it still?
    The default version adds one field with coin weight in it. The Coin+Gear is a feature I added to my copy.

    I'd been trying to figure out how to do this sort of thing and used Zuger's great extension to learn from.

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