I want to try using Fantasy Grounds Unity for a game as a 5E DM soon. I use some homebrew rules and almost all of them will be easy to implement, with the exception of recovering during rests. I am having trouble changing part of the Short / Long Rest function built into the game. (Mine isn't quite any of the variant resting rules built into FGU.)

For simplicity sake I was thinking of just adapting to some some of the variant rules since I am not familiar with editing the code to make this extension. I was going to compare the Healing Surges rule, (I was going to take the recover 1/4 hit dice on short rests) with the Slow Natural Healing, (I would this as a base, I want to just recover 1/2 hit dice on a long rest, and add the short rest recovery.) This would be the easiest way to make a simple extension to suit my needs it seems.

I have watched a couple videos, but just cant parse the language to find what I need. And my usual method of comparing, then copy-pasting hasn't worked since I can't figure out what triggers what I need. It also seems like I will need to edit two different files from performing a text search across the files for rest, healing, hit dice, or hd*. But I can't seem to 'read' what the functions are doing to figure it out! Also sidenote: It would be awesome if they added a /command to edit PCs hit dice.

Any advice or other extension like it I can use? I have googled for other extensions that edit Resting Mechanics but can't find any. I would prefer to not have to learn the coding language to do so, but it seems the only way since I can't seem to figure it out through basic logic.

Thank you,