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    This works amazingly well. I got a bit greedy and lazy and tried to copy more than one pdf into the /images folder. It seemed to convert the first and stop. That is ok. I had a few PDFs and I just copied them in one at a time when I did the conversion. I looked at the batch file, and it made sense. I can't thank you enough for this utility!

    What I love is that even where I have a 2 page PDF, it converts the file to a couple of jpegs, which is nice.

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    sadly this does not work with my L5R pdf's. I borrowed a friend's laptop with acrobat, and CAN remove the text over images, but that will be tedious. When I use this, it does not find any images, though. I hope I can find a solution as I have spent weeks and weeks converting the books to morecore, and would love to add the images to my modules I am creating.
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