Alright you hoodlums....I mean Crusaders...

Some FG Adaptation Notes have been added to the following products, these will likely be visible next Tuesday to the users:

Black Libram of Nartarus
DB2 Crater of Umeshti (HH spells module)
Deities of the Haunted Highlands

I have completed work on the [B]Player's Guide to the Haunted Highlands[B], it will soon be in the QC process. I expect it to hit the store in 2-3 weeks.

Material from current HH DLC was compiled and republished by Troll Lord games in the form of the Players Guide to the Haunted Highlands. In many cases there are significant differences in the material presented in the different sources. Rather than campaigns and characters that use any of these DLC, I chose to leave the current DLC as is and add the Adaptation Notes to give users an idea of what changed if they aren't already aware.

For the most part it affects the various spells - what spells are available to what class.

What does it mean to you the user? Not a lot, other than watching what source you use to access information in FG if you get the Players Guide when it hits the store and load it alongside any DLC you currently own.

Hit me up with questions or problems in this thread, via PM, or in Discord (PerryChalmers).