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    I'd like to translate some part of the ruleset, is there a way to have a list of strings used in it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadBeardMan View Post

    I got a reply from Hunter. He's been very busy recently. I'll finish the update coming later this week and then take a good look at OLD and see what's left to do and reply here.

    I have searched the this thread, but I have seen no mention of the NOW Core Rules being ported to Fantasy Grounds. Given that OLD is still yet to come, can one presume that NOW is not on the radar for quite some time to come? I have a NOW campaign I'm currently running on another VTT platform, but I'd be keen to migrate here if the WOIN support is better.

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    If I may ask (and as long as it's not against the rules here), what other VTT are you currently using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kananesgi View Post
    If I may ask (and as long as it's not against the rules here), what other VTT are you currently using?
    Roll20. It has a "NEW"-flavored character sheet available that mostly works, but isn't perfect, but that was developed by a community volunteer with no new updates to it in quite some time. We have used it on a limited basis, mainly as a handy reference, but seldom for in-game combat/skill-check rolls. One of my players and I have created a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet for character creation that automates more than the character sheet on Roll20. I'd be inclined to modify/update/create the Roll20 char sheet, as I believe I have the technical knowledge, but I don't have the time. That's why I'd be more inclined to pay for a properly working WOIN:NOW sheet and other handy features for me and my playgroup on FG.

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    Hi All,

    I've been asked to post here with the status.

    Hunter has been very busy with RL (I assume around Covid) and so I've been working on my own updating the actions.

    I'll send these up this weekend and then look at what's left on Hunters document he sent over.

    Regarding OLD. We got the updated PDF's a while ago, the plan was for Hunter to convert it, but again, due to his RL issues that's outstanding.

    I asked about doing NOW some time ago, but OLD needs to be finished first.

    If someone else wants to conversion NOW email FG at let them know.


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    A while back there was talk of an update to this ruleset coming soon. Is it close to complete? Did the update already happen without a version number change? Thanks.

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