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    Steam and Non Steam editions

    I don't have the Steam Edition, but I notice that there is a lot of free modules available for download via steam.
    I'm particularly interested in 'Shackles of Blood'. It's free on Steam but $4.99 on this site.

    Is there a way for Steam to recognise that I already own the product? I've tried adding it as a non-steam game to my account, but when I click the download button in Steam, nothing happens.

    Any help please?



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    Its very unusual for there to be any price discrepancies (other than an occasional timing discrepancy for start and end times on sales) between the two sites. Store Licenses are synced up to Steam every 6-8 weeks - possibly you used different email addresses to register at each site?

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    Thanks for the reply.
    No, that's not it. Used the same email. I'll try activating my license through Steam. Should have tried that in the first place.


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