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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    I made a sub-form for Paid Games and moved the threads I saw that were obviously paid over to there. That should make it easier to keep the two camps separate. I will add to the first post that if you really don't like paid games, then please stay out of that forum.

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    We never thought of doing a paid game, but it might not be a bad idea. Is there a rough going rate and is there a GM rating system? Just looking at it right now to see if we might want to give it a try, maybe a one shot or something.

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    I like the posted rules for advertising paid games

    For me a paid game should not be for trying to make a profit but for covering the cost of purchasing source material / maps / map creation software / time for prep
    for example DND 5E essential bundle is ~$200
    the ultimate license is ~$149
    total ~$350/250
    if you charged say 25pence/50cents per player per session a 4 player game would would pay for both the license and bundle in ~175-250 sessions so roughly the length of a single 4 hour per session level 1-20 campaign

    When i see paid games of roughly 15/$20+ per session im going yes thats a good minimum hourly wage for a person if they have a table of 4 for a 4 hour game and it also speaks towards the amount of prep time you would expect to be getting put in, but if im paying these rates for a game then maybe having a refund policy stated, and probably a couple free taster sessions to see if the groups personalitys work together.

    When playing pick up games (adventurers league) in cafe/pub in the before times normally players would cover the GMs drinks as a courtesy.

    For a regular group of friends If we ever get back to being able to play at a physical table then i might put a jar at the side into which 20p could be tossed per session and then this cash would go towards buying / painting minis first of the players characters then of npcs / monsters

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