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    What are you wanting to do? Adjust the skill names? The list of basic skills is the list from DH2. The only way to add a description to basic or advanced skills is to add library links. Once dropped on a character they will persist.

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    Hey, I've noticed that Hordes, when damaged on the Combat Tracker, don't reflect that damage on their character sheet.

    When a 30 Magnitude Horde has taken 20 points of damage, it is still rolling the bonus 2D10 damage as though it were on full hit-points and I have to open up the monster sheet manually and add the damage in. Is this the intended methord or am I doing something stupid?

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    @Jackeyblob, let me look into this. I may have broken something and not even realized it.

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    Found the issue and fixed it. Let me know if there are any problems.

    New .pak posted to the first post in the thread fixing the issue with the CT and Horde sheet Damage taken not being linked.

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    Thanks man, I cannot state how much I appreciate how quickly you resolve these issues.

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