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    I think I have found a way to auto roll Righteous Fury for DH1, RT and DW. I will be working on the concept and update again if the feature works correctly.

    For BC, OW and DH2, since the Righteous Fury works different, it already rolls the d5 Crit. All it does is report 1-5, so you can look up the results on the table in your rule books. I am working on having this d5 roll roll on a crit table and report the results automatically. This would require the crit tables be present. I can not build them into the rule set, that would violate copyright. Would it be desired to add the feature and point it to a table that a Gm can add to his campaign?

    For instance, I can point it at a table named- Righteous Fury Crit Table. A Gm can create this table. Than can add them straight fro the rule book, create a custom one for home brew. It would require that table be present to work, so is more GM set up. Worth it?

    Let me know some opinions, I am working on a few ideas I hope will work out.

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    Posted new .pak file for bug reported in the RT+ Psychic system rolls. Psychic Phenomena will work correctly now.

    Thank you for the bug reports. I know the updates are coming rapidly, and I will continue until we find all the major bugs. This is a complicated ruleset and was play tested for 48+ in game hours. With all the options, I expect a few more will creep up. Please report them, I will do my best to update quickly. Sorry for the almost daily updates and download/installs, but they help get things improved and stable.

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    Where can i find the true grit option (i already selected it in the option menu), should i create a talent named true grit ?

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    You need to have in the PC's or NPC's talent list an entry for True Grit. If they have the talent, then it will be detected and factored in.

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    Hi Paul,

    I tested the True grit talent: first, you have to write it without space (TrueGrit), then it doesn't seems to work if the character have some damage point left:

    If the character have 24 damage on 24 hp and i do 10 damage to him, then it'll be correctly calculated and he will have 5 critical wound (29 damage)

    If the character have 22 damage on 24 and i do 7 damage to him, then he will have 5 crit damage too (29 damage)


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    The way it works is this:

    Total wounds for the PC are 24. 22 Starting damage + 7 new wounds --> 2 wounds are applied first (normal damage) --> 5 wounds (crit damage) are halved to 2.5 round up for 3 Crit. Total 5 damage (2 normal and 3 crit) caused that action. If True Grit is a talent.

    The issue is this: for some reason the PC's are returning false for the talent no matter how True Grit is written. The NPC's work fine. I am testing this right now. NPC's work perfect, and the calculations are correct. Pc's are the issue.

    Test a PC shooting at an NPC with True Grit. It will work as expected.

    I will get this solved and post a new. pak sometime today I hope.

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    I did the test with a npc, if my npc with true grit take 7 damage at 22/24 damage he end with 5 crit damage but if he take 10 damage with 24/24 damage he take 5 crit damage

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    Found the issue fixed it with True Grit. New .pak posted.
    Last edited by Paul Pratt; September 30th, 2017 at 22:21.

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    Miniou, I have tried several times to recreate what you are seeing. I am finding the damage handled correctly each time. Download the new .pak, and test from that. Let me know if you have issues.

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    Added Effects list to the NPC main tab, allows for Persistent effects for NPC's. First post has latest .pak for download.

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