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    Thanks for the answer Paul. Last question, which extensions will work with this rules system?

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    @Miniou, The small triangle is linked to the Party Sheet Cohesion Tab. On the Cohesion tab you can set what Oath and what abilities are available to the squad. The squad mode abilities list has the small triangle also. So at a glance you can see what mode and ability the PC's are using. I talk about the party sheet in the video tutorials. To use the cohesion tab make sure the "Specialty" field on the char sheet (just left of the squad/solo mode cycler) starts with DW. So, DW tactical, DW Assault, etc.

    @Echomikedelta, right now, other than my calendar mod/ext. I am unsure. It depends on the extension. If they set up for any ruleset based on CoreRPG it should work. I will have a version of Enhanced Images available soon. I am reaching out to Dulux-Oz to have this ruleset added to the DOE's. What extensions are you interested in? I can look at them and see what needs to happen to make them work.

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    Paul, The Delux Oz extensions where the ones I am looking to use. I appreciate your help.

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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the update !

    1.I dont remember if I could before the update but i'm not able to drag and drop data to the marine abilities box. the party sheet, concerning the squad mode,when you drag and drop data for a squad mod, the maintain column remain empty. Am i supposed to use data sheet for my squad mode or is there a specific sheet ?

    3. What's the difference between the different degree of success options in your ruleset ?

    edit: i'm not able to drag and drop a horde profile to an encounter.
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    1. You should be able to drag and drop "Data" into the Marine Abilities box.
    --Basically the rule of thumb is right click and create a new item in a list. Look at that link. The header should say one of the following: Skill, Talent, Data Reference. Then you know where to create items for them. I tried to organize the character sheet to be consistent with the content on each tab. Skills for skills tab, Talents for the Talent tab- (however, on the talents each game had different needs, so some is Data), Items for Inventory. The Main tab is Data.

    2. The sustain column will be empty. You need to fill that in.

    3. The degrees of success and failure follow the rules from the different games. DH1, RT, DW are the same rules. BC, OW, DH2 are the same rules, but different - the rule changed for these three. It's subtle, but effectively adds 1 success to each die roll.

    Let me investigate the hordes not being added to encounters.
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    Found the issue with encounters and the Marine Abilities not accepting "data" drops. Both will be corrected and an updated .pak file posted shortly.

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    You rock !

    I read the rules again concerning the degree of success.

    Yes it's subtle !

    edit: i tried to attack an horde with a bolter, with the checkbox horde selected on the weapons stat. It looks like if the damage roll is successfull, it inflict 1 point of damage to the magnitude but it should be 1 for the successfull attack +1 for the explosive damage and +1 if the attack do more than 15 points of damage. I also tried to add the blast quality to the bolter but it always do 1 damage to the magnitude. Am i doing it wrong or is this something we have to do by ourselves ?

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    The damage works correctly. The way the rules work for Hordes is:
    1. Each hit that scores damage, meaning a damage roll that after reduction for armor and toughness is greater than 1, will cause 1 point of Magnitude damage. (the confusing part is the 15 damage they use as the example in the rules.)
    2. If it is Explosive (X) type damage it cause an additional hit.
    3. If it is Blast Quality it causes Blast Rating ("x") automatic hits.
    4. A Flame weapon will cause 1d5 + 1/4 range in hits.

    They are hits not additional damage. You need to roll damage for each hit separately.

    So, in your example, a Bolter causing damage is 1 Magnitude point. The explosive damage means roll damage again. So a Bolter hit will cause 2 hits, for a potential 2 Magnitude damage.

    Let's say you hit with a Blast(4) weapon. Roll damage for the initial hit, and then 4 more damage rolls. According to the rules, you have to make damage checks for each hit.

    Make sense?

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    It's m'y Bad, i forgot that it's for the hit calculation. Ans yes i find the 15 damage part a bit confusing.

    Thank you

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    New .pak file added to the first post in this thread. Corrected bugs reported, and added features. True Grit option, Effects for Talents, Effect line for weapon entries, Persistent effects.

    Persistent effects are added automatically to the character when they are dropped into the Combat Tracker. See first post on how to use them.

    Report any bugs found here.

    Thanks - Paul

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