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    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for the answers. With that I have another question.
    1. Traits, where am I supposed to build them? I mean which button? There are buttons for Talents, Skills, Data, Psychic 1 and Psychic 2.
    2. Where do I build Powers?
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    Traits are built using the Data. In fact Data is the catch all group, so Home world, Mutations, etc. build from Data.

    Powers? Psychic Powers? If so, Psychic 1 is for DH1. Psychic 2 RT and up.

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    The total maneuver roll should be skill + mod. The Ag box is there to aid calc'ing the initiative of the vehicle. Are you seeing it calculated AG+Skill+Mod? I can not recreate that.

    The weapon error is caused if you haven't opened the weapon details page. The green button in the weapon profile. I know about this "bug", but I also like it. Reminds my players they haven't set up their weapons 100%. It is annoying if you have a simple weapon with no specials.

    Let me think about True Grit. Currently you will have to adjust the damage manually. I just use the CT and ctrl+middle mouse scroll the critical damage box.

    I thought about Effects for Talents, Traits, and even gear. There is something worth looking into, and some good extensions out there to see if I can get to work with this rulesets. Currently I help players build effects using the effects list and they drag them to there hot keys to add as needed.
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    Thanks Paul! You rock brother!

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    The way i understand the vehicule sheet is this way:

    In the agility box you put the agility of the character, in the skill box you put the value of the piloting skill (+10, +20 ..) and the mod is the piloting modifier of the vehicle (+15 for a bike for exemple). So in the Total manoeuver roll you should have the sum of this 3 box for your evading,piloting test?

    Concerning the weapon error, opening and closing the weapons details, ok got it !


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    Is there any way we can get a description tab or something like that where we can put an image link and a detailed description of an NPC? Either I missed where I can do that on an NPC entry or it doesn't exist.

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    @miniou - Correct on the agility box; but for the skill box, add the total skill.

    @ Echo - Currently there is no place to put an image or link to that image on the NPC sheet. I envisioned using the NPC notes tab for a detailed description for GM only use. Use the Story library for the description and image, if intending to share it with players. - The reason to do this, is to have the description/image only available to share with players; otherwise the entire NPC sheet would have to be shared! Story, or even using the Notes library works to control what you want to share with the PC's.

    If you are thinking of something more along the line of an image in the NPC file so you could use it in a Story or Note, that's doable, but in a way redundant. To get the image on the NPC sheet, it would need to exist in the Image Library first, so you would be the same image linked in this order: Image Library to NPC sheet to Story/Note. I figured on saving the DB entries and go: Image Library to Story/Note directly. Hope that makes some sense.
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    Update. Please download the .pak from the first post in this thread.

    Changed the handling of dropped items to be similar to D&D 3.5. For PC's, NPC's, Hordes - drop your weapon links on the inventory list. It will populate to the weapon list. Basic info will be filled in. Remember to open the "green" weapon details button to complete setting the weapon up. Armor links dropped onto the inventory will be added to the armor section. When you delete a weapon on the inventory list it will be removed from the weapon list.

    Changed the way Library links are handled. They do not share a common node but are copied from the library to the charsheet. The way it was handled before, if a change was made to the item in the library, or a PC made a note or change to the item in their inventory, every link to that item changed!

    Added functionality so that older Dark Heresy v1 homemade modules should work with a small edit. In the Definition file of the module, change the ruleset from WH40KDarkheresy to WH40KMultisetRules. They will load. Any issues PM me and I will see if we can sort out how to get them to load.

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    Hi Paul,

    When you select the deathwatch character sheet, when you choose to be in squad mode,there is a small triangle next to the squad mod indicator. What are we supposed to do with it ?


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