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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for this amazing ruleset.
    I just discovered Fantasy Ground and your ruleset I had installed on my computer.
    To handle how FG works during the combat phase I created a PC character in DH1 mode and a NPC to test the combat tracker functionning (both of them use a autopistol with the same characteristics you described in your pdf document).
    When I roll the Initiative test for the PC, the score obtained is add to the Initiative score of the PC in the combat tracker window. But when I do the same for the NPC, the Initiative value obtained is not inserted in the combat tracker window.
    I noticed the same behaviour with Combat skill (WS or BS) and damage. It works for PC but not for the NPC.

    Please could you tell me if I miss something for a good functionning ? Is it a bug ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I resolved my issue. I didn't know that I had to click on the combat skill of my NPC and drop the dice on the PC line in the combat tracker to generate my combat skill tests.

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    First, welcome to Fantasy Grounds!

    When you add an NPC to the combat tracker, it is a copy. On the far right of the combat tracker's entries is a square shortcut symbol. To roll the NPC's tests, click that to open the NPC's sheet linked to the tracker and roll from that sheet. If you want to use the targeting features, make sure the NPC has targeted a PC.

    There are several features built into the 40k ruleset. I advise reading the pdf guide in the first post of this thread, and watching the you tube links also. Lot's of information in them. I also recommend searching you tube for some basic tutorials on Fantasy Grounds. Targeting, combat tracker, images, etc. There are plenty of really good tutorials out there that will assist you in learning Fantasy Grounds and how to get the most out of it.

    Enjoy the ruleset, and if you have any more questions please post them or PM me, and I will try to assist as best as I can.

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    When using a primitive weapon and you roll a 10 on damage it doesn't count it as righteous fury as it should. Nor does it show you you rolled a 10 so you can roll it manually if you missed the roll.
    Using the Dark Heresy 2 rules in case it's different for the others.
    Small thing, but thought I'd mention it, love the ruleset.

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    Hi Paul,

    Used the ruleset to handle a big fight during our last session and the players loved it.

    Noticed a minor glitch on the Skills tab of the character sheet, when the players started spending XP's on Characteristics advances: If a player picks a Characteristic advance in the XP Tab, Basic Skills automatically update their TN's but the Advance skills do not.

    For example, a Character with Intelligence 40 has an untrained Evaluate TN of 20 and Ciphers (Chapter Runes) TN of 40. If you add a +5 Int advance, the untrained Evaluate TN becomes 23 (as it should) but Ciphers (Chapter Runes) remains 40. The workaround is simply to cycle through the skill's Characteristic selection until you're back to Int, which will update the TN to 45, but it's a bit of a pain having to cycle through when you have several skills relying on the Characteristic you've improved.

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    @TheCyberMonk, let me look into this one. I need to re-read the DH2 rules. I know I have it set as you described based on how I interpreted the rules.

    @Flamewielder, The advanced skills should update with a characteristic advance. Let me look into this one as well.

    Be a few days, and I will post some results.

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    Advanced skills corrected.

    I am going to continue to investigate the DH2 rules, well for that matter it affects BC, OW, and DH2, as far as the primitive weapons and Righteous Fury. I know where I am replacing the result, and I can fire the Righteous Fury Crit roll, but as I understand it, primitive weapons that are rated below "10" can't invoke Righteous Fury. I can have this work either way, it is a very simple thing as it's just moving the function up to get processed before the primitive function is checked.

    DH1, RT, and DW work differently and a "10" can be rolled and Righteous Fury can be checked for. Not sure how to handle this for the other systems.

    Please chime in with thoughts, I don't use DH2 myself, we prefer DH1, so any help with how the rule is applied would be appreciated.
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    I play DH2 and the rules are the following:

    Primitive(X): ​When rolling for damage with these weapons, any die result greater than the number in parentheses (X) counts as that number instead. For example, a weapon with Primitive (7) would count all damage rolls of 8, 9 or 10 as 7. These weapons can still generate Righteous Fury (see page 227) as normal, on a damage roll of 10.​

    Righteous Fury: ​When rolling damage after a successful hit, if any die rolled results in a natural 10 (rolling the 10 result on a 10 sided die), a particularly bloody and spectacular hit might be inflicted. This also includes a result of 10 when rolling 1d5 for damage. After resolving the effects of the hit, one of two things can happen.​

    1. If the hit dealt damage after being reduced by Armour and Toughness bonus, the hit is more severe and 1d5 is rolled on the Crit tables for the appropriate weapon and location
    2. If the hit damage is completely reduced by Armour and Toughness, 1 point of damage is inflicted.

    PS: Paul, the latest&greatest updates are in the first post in this thread? I assume you update the files if there is fix?
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    @Valyar, thanks for the rules post. Yes, I keep the latest .pak in the first post, with a history of changes.

    I will package up the fixes and post later tonight.

    ***Edit: FG has an update inbound, these fixes will be included in that release.
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    I encountered a problem with the map masking while preparing for test combat - masking causes transparency on the whole window making hard the normal play. When I have other stuffs open below it it gets a bit messy.

    Is this feature, bug or I am not doing something right?

    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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