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    Look up module creation. Creating multiple "Campaign" files focused on a specific book will help organize each PDF. I will edit this soon.
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    First i want to give my thanks to Paul for this module and his continued support on it.

    But now some sad news. I was about to run an Only War using this module, but it seems that some of the updates sadly have broken this module completely since i cannot add or maybe see any characters in the character menu anymore even the ones that were made, and loading a backup does nothing anymore. I really hope all the best for Paul in his life and efforts to keep this ruleset working. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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    Ok so there is work around i found and all old characters are still there. I just needed to in the ruleset replace the campaing/campaign_chars.xml with the one from basic CoreRPG. After that I could see my players characters again and was able to add a new ones with right click again. I hope this will help Paul figure out a fix for his official version.

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    Please can someone update it ? It should be put on github and let people update those kinds of content.
    I can't play or use it. It's annoying as hell. Can't make my friends use Fantasy ground.
    we should also be able to downgrade to previous version, just so we can still use outdated ruleset and play.... Gosh the fustration keep building up

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    @MrJusa - THANK YOU! At least this way we can salvage the character sheets.

    Unfortunately it looks like our latest campaign of Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader is also breaking (a lot of windowclass problems?). Will this module be updated to the latest version? Or is it possible to request/release/download an older installation of Fantasy Grounds for this module so we can continue using these rulesets?

    I'm not against trying to update the broken parts of the module myself, but I've never coded anything in my life. Is there any file/thread that lists how to convert code from old modules to meet the new coding changes? Our GM has spent literal weeks of work inputing all of the information from all of the rulebooks and linking them properly. He's extremely depressed about it and at this point I'm open to really any option to prevent it from all being a waste.
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    I completely understand as I have performed the same works on my side.
    The manipulation help to get the character back, and the command /console skip turn off all warning, but still a lot of issue:
    - impossible to change the character picture
    - Some of the option have disapear (such as message of the day, ...)
    It seems that the anchored windows part is broken (at least).
    Could have been a solution to get a previous issue of CoreRpg ruleset as it seems that this one is based on it.
    I tried to contact the owner, lets wait and hope.

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    Thanks to a mate that never update its FGU, I get a previous versions of CoreRPG.
    It work (for now).
    I share it with you in case some are interested: https://mega.nz/file/v8UW3LaT#BzYzqc...Yh2h39eK1iCt3c
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    Thanks for the posts, everyone. I am back in town and will start to sort this out.

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    Excellent news
    Thanks Paul !

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    Great, thanks you. Not everything been going the way I want lately. I really need it. thanks you for still working on it. You did something good. I still thinks that most of the content on this website should be on github. Nonetheless Great! I will be waiting for goods news.

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