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    40k Multiset Ruleset

    Hello! Releasing a new ruleset to play the line of 40k RPG's.

    With this ruleset you can play: Dark Hersey v1, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black Crusade, Only War, or Dark Heresy v2.

    The automation supports system pure games, or the ability to mix and match the rules and character types. I have added support for vehicles, hordes/formations, and Rogue trader ships. To the Party Sheet are tabs for Cohesion and Subtlety. I have added support for more weapon qualities and finally the psychic system for Rogue Trader and up.

    License: CC-BY-NC-ND
    Read Smiteworks Eula
    Please do not post or ask for game content, library modules, adventure modules, etc. The copyright to those materials belongs to Games Workshop.

    Currently to note:
    The theme this has been released with is my Dark Heresy theme. Others themes will be released when I have the time. If someone else wants to build a graphics extension, please do! I could use the help.

    Please download the 40k Multiset for Fantasy Grounds 3.2.pdf file included below. It has some basic information that will be useful, and a guide for the effects included in this ruleset.

    Link to YouTube tutorials:
    Basic Tutorial on Options
    Character sheet Tutorial

    ** Persistent Effects **
    For the Talents and Gear Effects Only!
    1. Set up an effect and prefix it "Persistent;" (without quotes)
    2. Set the Target cycler to "Self"
    3. Cycle the Action cycler from "All" back to "All".
    4. Set the number to 0
    5. Set the units to DAY instead of RND

    When you drop that character into the Combat Tracker these effects will be automatically added to them.

    Example of a written effect: (for a Space Marine's Power Armor )

    Persistent: STR:20; STRB:2

    ** CT NPC Weapons List **
    1. The button to indicate a weapon is to be used for a filtered CT list is located on the Weapon Details Window, upper right corner.
    2. The CT list will have a check box just below the "yellow" offense icon in the CT. No Filter checkbox will appear for ships. Ships use a full list.
    3. If no weapons are checked for filter use, then all the weapons will be displayed in the CT when the filter checkbox is unchecked.
    4. If all NPC weapons are checked for filter use, then they will be displayed by the CT when the filter checkbox is checked.
    5. If all NPC weapons are unchecked for filter use, and the CT filter box is checked, no weapons will display.
    --See post#345 for some sample screenshots.

    1. 9/24/17: Library drop handling updated
    2. 9/25/17: Fixed small graphical issue in the libraries.
    3. 9/27/17: Added features: Added True Grit Option, Added an Effect line to weapon entries to handle effects for Toxic, flame weapons, etc., Added Effects for Talents on the Talents tabs, Added Persistent Effects, corrected bug for adding Hordes to encounters, and a few other small bugs sent to me.
    4. 9/28/17: Bug Fix for RT+ Psychic system rolls.
    5. 9/30/17: Minor Bug fixes, True Grit resolved.
    6. 10/5/17: Added an Effects list to the Main tab of NPC's, allows for Persistent effects for NPC's.
    7. 10/12/17: Fixed error in damage calc caused by True Grit check.
    8. 10/14/17: Update for potential error in effects lists. Added function to drag damage from chat to CT.
    9. 1/21/18: Update for potential error in Unnatural Characteristics
    10. 2/17/18: Update to fix Initiative effects and Unnatural Characteristics
    11. 3/4/18: Further fixes for Initiative while using effects. Override movement and carrying display issues.
    12. 4/18/18: Updated for FG 3.5. Fixes for Primitive Weapons and Righteous Fury. Advanced skills will correctly update when trait scores are changed.
    13. 5/17/18: Fixed an issue in DH2 with degrees of success. Fixed Influence rolls from Party Sheet. Effects and skills with more than one word names.
    14. 5/24/18: Fixed bug in armor locations - missing combinations
    15. 8/6/18: Update for FG 3.3.6 Fixed a few bugs in DH2, added more custom skill support, added an effect for Bionics.
    16. 8/7/18: Bug fixed when adding portraits to character sheets.
    17. 8/8/18: Bug fix for skills issue with NPC's.
    18. 8/19/18: Add additional Proven Support to handle up to 5d10 for damage.
    19. 9/8/18: Bug in attack modifiers fixed
    20. 12/18/18: Updated for FG 3.3.7. Added Inventory mini sheet. Other minor fixes.
    21. 3/8/19: Fixed bugs in DH1 psychic tab
    22. 3/19/19: Fixed Heal issue
    23. 5/25/19: Fixed weapon drop PEN, fixed cover bug, few other weapon bugs. Added new cover type COVERM. Updated reports.
    24. 5/26/19: Updated PDF guide file.
    25. 6/29/19: Added option to use d5 rolls in Psychic Roll
    26. 7/8/19: Fix issue with non targeted drag rolls from chat.
    27. 8/23/19: Update for FG 3.3.8 + fixes for ID states. New Flamer Pointer Extension uploaded for image changes, now compatible with 3.3.8.
    28. 8/24/19: Update to fix potential item transfer error.
    29. 8/27/19: Bug fix for image window.
    30. 8/30/19 Added Features, CT Weapon list for NPC's with filtering options. Added ID States for hordes, vehicles, and ships.
    31. 9/1/19 Allow for direct weapon drops onto NPC's in the CT.
    32. 9/2/19 New Flamer Pointer Extension uploaded for image changes, now compatible with 3.3.8.
    33. 9/6/19 Flamer Extension was packaged incorrectly, fixed.
    34. 11/14/19 Updated for FG 3.3.9
    35. 12/31/19 Bugfix for potential True Grit error.
    36. 1/23/20 Bugfix for image issue reported. Missed updates in CoreRPG. Fixed
    37. 3/4/20: Updated for FG 3.3.10 Release
    38. 4/10/20: Bugfix for ship weapons damage roll
    39. 6/11/20: Bugfix for creating effect in NPC main tab.
    40. 6/28/20: New .pak uploaded to correct wrongly packaged files.
    41. 7/23/20: Bugfix for horde damage not linked between CT and sheet.
    42. 8/23/20: 3.3.11b release update and first pass for FGU compatibility.
    43. 8/30/20: Fix for NPC Persistent effects.
    44. 9/13/20: Bug fixes for True Grit and FGU issues.
    45. 10/2/20: Fix for image panel bug.
    46. 11/15/20: Fixed encounter bug and npc note bug. FGC 3.3.12/FGU4.01 update.
    47. 2/23/21: FGC/FGU 2-2021 update.
    48. 3/12/21: Updates for FG 3/9 changes.
    49. 5/24/21: Bug fix for skill notes.
    50. 7/20/21: Bug fix for NPC gear and PC Cybernetics lists
    51. 11/19/21: Bug fix for adding PC's to CT and a fix for the Cohesion party sheet tab.
    52. 4/9/22: Updated to FGU 4.1.16 - new currency system used. Support for NPC's in partysheet removed. Added more fields to effects.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by Paul Pratt; April 9th, 2022 at 20:39. Reason: 52. 4/9/22: Updated to FGU 4.1.16 - new currency system used. Support for NPC's in partysheet removed. Added more fields to e

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    Place holder for future graphics extensions:

    4/21/2018: Added extension that replaces imagebox with a non transparent frame.
    9/3/2019: Added alternate sidebar button style for readability. **Removed**
    9/6/19: Fixed incorrectly packaged extensions
    9/13/20: Moved Ruleset manual to this post
    4/9/22: Updated Ruleset Manual posted.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by Paul Pratt; April 9th, 2022 at 20:41. Reason: 9/3/2019: Added alternate sidebar button style for readability.

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    You rock friend!!
    Thank you so much for this
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    Hi paul and thank you for this new ruleset !

    First my option configuration for your ruleset: every option Deathwatch except degree of success and righteous fury which are on only war. My Character sheet is a Deathwatch one

    Here's some question and suggestions:

    1.I tried to drag and drop some skills from the skill library to the advanced skills: it work fine but when i try to drop into the basic skills tab it doesn't work.

    2.Is there a way to deactivate or modify the auto creation of the skills ? I'm using this ruleset in another language so when i create my skills in another language or modify one existing, when i cycle through the character tab, when i come back to the skill tab, i have two time the same skill: one in each language

    3.Always on the skills: is there a particular way to create a skill in the skill library so when we drag and drop it on the character sheet the stat (WS,BS ...) is already choose or do we have to cycle through it for each skill ?

    4.Can you make the reference guide table choosable or editable because a house rule i use is to use the action rules of only war for dw (half action for burst/full auto)

    5.How do you manage the +20 str of the power armor that add after the unnatural strength calculation ? Usable gear maybe ?

    6.I also noted a little bug on the skill tab but i will try to reproduce it to explain it to you clearly

    Thank you again,


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    Let me answer these in the order you posted:

    1. The original intent was to make the basic skills unmodifiable by requests from others. I have decided against this and will be posting an update that will allow you to drop skills into the basic tab.

    2. There is no way to stop the auto generation of skills, however, I think in your case, you could modify one file and translate the skills.

    3. When you create a skill in the library and drag and drop, the Stat should set to the one you typed out. I will be posting a video tutorial for Library use. There are particular methods of using them to have things set correctly. Essentially, in the case of skill make sure you use Weapon, Ballistic, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship. WS, BS, etc will not work.

    4. Let me look into this. I originally wanted the ref guide to be player selectable, but had many who thought it should match the character sheet.

    5. I would place an effect in the combat tracker STR:20 on all the marines. Or, hold ctrl + middle mouse wheel scroll over the Strength stat rollable box at the top of the main tab and a temp modifier will open up. Scroll to +20.

    6. Let me know the error. If you can capture the console report that would help.

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    Concerning your answer:

    2.I manage to find the data_common.lua and modify it for the auto generation in the good language.

    3. Thank you it work

    4. Ok, thank you

    5. I did it with a usable gear power armor STR:20

    6. I did not manage to reproduce the troubleshot i had.

    And a new question:

    1. In the combat tab of the pc sheet, in the wound box, the fatigue max should be equal to the endurance bonus with the unatural toughness ?


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    Thanks for the report. You are correct, the fatigue max calculation was wrong. The has been corrected. It will be included with the next release. I hope to have it out later today or tomorrow.

    Edit: I also changed the ref guide back to my original vision. It is selectable again.

    **To select a reference guide.
    1. Use the cycler button in the upper left of the Actions area. Cycle to the game system you want to use for the guide.
    2. Right click and choose "create item".

    This will generate the list for the system you have set with the cycler button.
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    Is there supposed to be skills and talents already in the ruleset when I load it, or do I have to add them. On the Skills there is an aptitude 1 and 2 and reaction use. What is supposed to go in those fields when adding skills to the ruleset? Lastly, if there is supposed to be skills in the ruleset by default, mine aren't showing...any reason why?

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    Talents are not loaded. You need to build them.

    Skills, Aptitude 1 and 2 are relevant for the Only War and Dark Heresy 2 games. If you are playing something else ignore these fields. Reaction is for things like Dodge and Parry. In your rulebooks the skills lists will state if a skill is a reaction. If it is type "Yes" into the field.

    There are no skill loaded in the Skills library. On your character sheet, depending on the option chosen, there are all skill loaded on the skills tab. These will be basic skills if playing DH1, RT or DW, and the entire skill list if playing BC, OW, or DH2.

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    Hi Paul,

    In the vehicule Tab, the total manouver roll should be equal to Ag+Skill+Mod ? Actually it's equal to Skill+mod.

    Edit: when i try to roll the damage roll of a weapon of a horde i get the error : Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/manager_char.lua"]:190: attempt to compare number with nil

    edit 2: the talent true grit halves the critical damage, is their a way in your damage calculation to make it count or shall we adjust ourselves ?

    edit 3 : could it be possible to add effect box for the talents/trait and solo/squad mode as you did for the useable gear ? or is their a way to name the effects in the effect sheet ?
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