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    I am working on updating the ruleset. There are a few items in the party sheet and other areas that have been updated recently and need to be adjusted.

    @beelezebrent - The Skills library contains no data due to copy right. Right click and "create item" to add new skills or add information to skills. The Skills tab on the character sheet has the basic skills list pre-generated but does not contain the skill description - copyright protected. Dragging from the character sheet list to the skill library creates a copy, but no field for the description will be editable.

    If you want a full list, with descriptions, you should create them with in the Skill library and then drag the shortcut and drop it onto the character sheet skill list shortcut. Name them exactly to the same and the shortcut will overwrite. So, in short- library shortcut dropped on to library shortcut.

    If you create new skills, they can be added to either the basic or the advanced skill list on the character sheet.

    The system can use the basic skill list from any of the six 40K RPG titles. See the first few posts. There is a pdf guide to the ruleset and two videos I posted on how to use the set. Setting the campaign up correctly in the beginning with all the options can be tricky. Watch the videos to get an idea of all the options.

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    Thanks again Paul. Completely understand the copyright gig. I had tried a few options copying my new completed skills over... glad it was an easy fix.

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    delete this post - see next
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    One of the Updates knocked out the menu wheel option for the d100 die type


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    I'm guessing this is probably due to the d100 being moved to its own die in CoreRPG.
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    Hope you don't mind the question, I'm looking to possibly use this for a Dark Heresy v1 game that has elements taken from v2 (actions) but one of the bigger things is I use 3 action points rather than half and full actions. I haven't purchased fantasy grounds yet to play with but how feasible is it to edit things like the reference guide and item descriptions, things like that?

    Also as a general aside, do you think that players who aren't as ridiculously enthusiastic about playing around with VTT's will find this easy enough to learn? I'm on the fence whether my players will be able to digest the module, it is incredibly impressive and deserves to be used in my opinion but you know, not all my players probably feel as strongly about things like that.
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    I am working on an update for this rule set. It it a few updates behind. Please let me know if there are any other graphical or interface issues. I hope to be complete within a few weeks. Travelling for work has been absorbing me.

    @Rykof, there is no module of prefilled in items, skills, talents etc. All that is copyright protected material and must be created by the user.

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    The only other thing to note is that there is no area to edit a token's size on the combat tracker. As such, ships and the like are gigantic with no easy way to reduce them. You can shrink the token, but it's threat range aura is still huge and can't be changed, often taking up the whole map itself.

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