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    I didn't write in capping a stat, it led to far too many issues. You can add a modifier to a piece of equipment using the persistent tag (see first post). I set these up on the gear tab "Useable Gear". If the tag and effect are written correctly, then when you drop that PC onto the combat tracker, the effects will be automatically applied.

    Talents also can be written as effect. Look at the Talents tab, Talent /Ability Effect. There is space there to make these items. You can make these Persistent as well. For your example with Chain Weapon Expertise, use the weapon set up sheet. I didn't actually catch that talent, but it is the same as Flesh Render from Black Crusade in effect. I will have to add that one.

    Run and in general movement isn't automated or on the effects list. Use the override for movement values for anything that changes these items. Character Sheet main tab, bottom section Movement, upper right is the red rectangle with the slash in it. Click that, a series of boxes open and you can fill in the appropriate value.

    Skills can be changed to use different attribute values. For the medicae you could make the skill role using the correct trait, but most healing is manual adjustments. Psy healing is a targeted spell effect that will heal automatically. In general there are too many things that can heal differently. Items being the worst offender of special rules, it was simply beyond the scope to try to capture them all.

    Let me see if I can recreate the hit location issue.

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    I just tested hit locations on two different campaigns. One as running two instances, one GM, one localhost. No issues. I then started my main campaign and had a buddy connect. Hit location worked fine there too.

    Are you setting the hit location in the weapon list line before rolling damage? In other words, when you roll an attack, if there is a hit, a location is reported. Do you see that portion?

    Next when rolling damage, to have the damage applied to the correct location, you must cycle the location box to the correct location reported during the attack. This isn't automated, it is a manual set for the damage roll.

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    @Paul Pratt

    Thanks for the reply, regarding the automation rolls, I believe I understand everything you have informed me of, mostly just checking if I missing some kind automation I may have not been aware of.

    Regarding hit locations, I had a friend connect a little while ago as well as myself through a local client.

    I believe I have tried having the players cycle the hit location back to SET and its still did not output a hit location on other characters. The specific problem is when players attempt to attack other characters no matter what the damage location is set to the location will output like this :•Attack --> at Char 5
    •[HIT] Roll: 89 vs. 90 --> Location:
    –Jams on 91+
    -->>> Outcome: 2 Degrees of Success
    Add + 1 DoS for Unnatural Characteristic:"

    With no location specified, while it works as intended against NPCs, I just booted it up again and played it through 2 local instances was have been getting the same results.

    Rolling damage with the location toggle works as intended. Does having the damage location set cause problems with the to hit roll?

    I will try again with a clean slate tomorrow.

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    This is puzzling. I have tried now in a new clean slate campaign and can not recreate the results you have above.

    "•[HIT] Roll: 89 vs. 90 --> Location: "

    SHOULD be:

    •[HIT] Roll: 89 vs. 90 --> Location: Left Leg

    I can not figure why you have this result.

    Cycling the hit location does nothing to the attack, the attack doesn't call to that field, only the damage roll.

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    OK, I finally recreated what you are seeing. Two players, not the GM acting as either player, attack each other no hit location is generated. This has to do with the CT nodes involved and tracking down the hit location numbers. I didn't code hit locations with two PC's attacking each other in mind. To complicate the issue, the hit locations are customizable. Ctrl+Scroll or Scroll, depending on your options, over the hit location numbers. They adjust. You can assign custom locations if desired. Not RAW true, but requested for custom creatures and house rules.

    That customization factors into this. The previous reports were resolved as I described previously. The issue you are reporting is unique with two players attacking each other and linked in the CT. I am sure there is something I can do to allow this. It will just take some time. I have to adjust other parts of the code to get there.

    Meanwhile, you will have to reverse the to hit roll and determine the location so the player can cycle the damage location and make their damage roll.

    *** Edit ***

    Well, that wasn't to bad. I have it enabled now. Two PC's can attack each other and the location will report with custom locations respected. So, for all you PK'ers out there good news! I will post a new .pak with this feature (?) in a day or so. I want to add that Only War talent Chain Weapon Specialization in the weapon detail tab. That will take a bit, and it's bed time!
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    @Paul Pratt

    Thanks for looking to this, glad I was not just missing something obvious. While pking is a definite possibility in a dh game, I was mainly thinking of making named singular npcs characters instead of regular npcs so their character sheets would be linked to the token and persistsnt but this might not be the best idea as it seems that it was not how you originally intended the characters to be used. Did you still make your named npc "npcs" in your usage of the system?

    Regarding the only war talents, I had not actually planned to play OW at this moment and had just remembered them from last time I played the system about a year ago. There are number of weapon expertise/mastery talents introduced in Hammer of the Emperor, although some of them such as

    Las Weapon Mastery :Whenever this character makes an attack with a las weapon (such as a lasgun, lascarbine, laspistol, or lascannon), he deals +1 additional Damage for every two Degrees of Success he scores on the Ballistic Skill Test beyond the frst, or

    Melta Weapon Mastery:Whenever this character makes an attack with a melta weapon (such as an inferno pistol, meltagun, and multi-melta), he deals +2 additional Penetration for every two Degrees of Success he scores on the Ballistic Skill Test beyond the frst. This bonus applies after the doubling of Penetration for the Melta Quality whenever that Quality takes effect.

    Would probably be a difficult/impossible to implement as it is based on DOS in similar fashion to the Accurate Quality and would be just handled manually. That being said the Plasma Weapon Mastery talent effects are pretty straight forward

    when this character fires a plasma weapon (such as a plasma pistol, plasma gun, or plasma cannon) with the Maximal Quality on the Maximal setting, the weapon adds an additional +2 bonus to Damage, its Penetration, and its Blast Quality (to a total of an additional 1d10+2 Damage, +4 Penetration, and +4 to its Blast Quality)
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    I use the NPC sheet for all NPC's. Even the important ones. I added an XP tab to the NPC's so I could track them. You could use the PC sheet for some very important NPC's that you want to make sure have that extra level of detail. Wouldn't those be GM run? Essentially a GM Character? I had GM Character's in mind, and as a GM run PC, attacking another player controlled PC the hit location worked.

    Here's the catch with PC's and NPC's in the CT while playing FG. PC's have several linked fields from the character sheet to the CT that are used for combat. In fact, that's what I did to 'fix' the player to player hit location. It reported no location because the character sheet didn't link hit location to the CT. This feature of linking PC fields is awesome since we can drop the PC's into the CT and let them sit there. If they switch armor, advance in key characteristics, or take wounds, the CT and character sheet stay in sync. With NPC's however, they are copies of the NPC you drop into it. Otherwise there wouldn't be a way to establish unique entries. Say you create a generic Cultist in your NPC library. You drop that into the CT as an encounter. The CT version of Cultist, isn't linked to the library version of Cultist. You can test this easily. Make a test NPC, drop it into the CT. Now open your NPC from the library and scroll the wounds up and down. You will see the CT version doesn't change. They aren't linked. Drop another Cultist onto the CT and you will end up with Cultist (2) in the CT. It copied a second version to the CT and appended "2" to the name to create a unique entry.

    So, if you are using persistent NPC's that are always with the PC's you need to make some choices on how you manage them. Personally, and we have a lot of persistent NPC's, I manage them in the NPC library, make changes, advance them etc. Once I finish, I remove the old copy from the CT and drop the updated one back in. You could manage them straight from the CT, but they exist only there. If you had to reset the CT, which can happen, you would lose all those updates. If the NPC was only going to be around a few sessions, I would probably manage them from the CT and risk it, but a campaign spanning NPC I wouldn't. If the NPC is really important, and requires updates, advancing, and the need to be safe, using a PC sheet may be wise. Essentially a GM run PC. Would players control this sheet? Just asking because PC's are "owned". Player 1 creates a PC, only the GM and Player 1 can access it. If needed, "ownership" of a PC sheet can be reset to server owned and a different player could take ownership. I mention that because it may be relevant to you later as you run games. To change ownership, right click on a PC in the Character library and you will find options to release ownership.

    You are correct for most of the Only War talents, I have gone over them and most can/need a manual set up, or a modifier on the fly. The ones that add a damage die and compare to drop lowest are the ones I want to capture. The balance can be handled from the weapon details, or by making a second weapon entry that is modified. For instance, Accurate, Plasma Weapon Mastery - I didn't code that because I can make a second weapon. Say, I have a base Plasma Gun entry, then I copy that and name it Plasma Gun (PWM) - that is an example, it could be named anything. I would just tweak the damage die, damage bonus, and penetration values, then add the Blast(4) to the Special line. So much faster than any other solution. You could use the weapon details page for DH2's version of Accurate. Make a copy of the weapon. Change the name to reflect the difference say, Lasgun (Ac1DoS) -again an example could be whatever you want - then in the weapons details page add +10 TH under the custom Modifiers, and for an effect DMG: 1d10, set to "self" and "roll". When the player uses it, they would get the +10 for the To Hit roll, then if it is a hit, they could click the Effect button, roll damage and the extra damage die would be there. And if set correctly to "roll" be removed after the roll is made.

    Yes, it is more steps, than say Tearing that is taken care of from automation, but the crunch of the DH systems and all the possible options, while also allowing for a mix of all 6 systems, well I may as well attempt to code a video game. It is pen and paper after all. I have to remind myself of that all the time. The more I automate, the less "custom" some things can be as well. I added the weapon details page so I could explode the options for house rules, variations, custom weapons PC's built etc. The purpose was to try to confine the local modifiers to an area for players to click through, and with the hotbar mods, hopefully with some experience, make the game run fairly quickly.

    I hope those options above give you some ideas on how players can tweak their weapons, gear, and use effects and additional entries to find solutions for most of the games multitude of variations and modifiers.

    The options I have included in the automation are mainly ones that impact the automation in some meaningful way. Tearing, Felling, Proven, they manipulate the roll in ways that if not hard coded in, make them darn near useless to attempt to manually adjust for and use the CT and targeting. While something like Melta Weapon Mastery is easy to use mods. Make the to hit roll, find DoS, then open you weapon details, add "x" to Pen in the custom mods, make the damage roll. Or you could use the fire selector - its less clicks. Las Weapon Mastery is even easier, once you know the DoS, simply use the general mod box to add to the damage roll. I hope that insight to the method of approach helps clarify why somethings are automated and some are not.
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    @Paul Pratt

    Loud and Clear on the talents and automation.

    I've player around with the Character ownership, and CT persistence over the last few days and understand your explanations. I will be using PC sheets for some of the GM PC's that I plan on having regularly recurring ie Their Interrogator, the Inquisitor, the couple NPC squad mates etc. The now fixed hit locations problem was also happening for player attempting to attack a GM PC (which worked find in reverse GM PC->PC), so I was curious I have this case just never came up for you or if you use the Character sheets exclusively for Player Characters.

    I assume that giving Players control of NPCS via sharing the NPC from in the campaign still works as normal in the rule set?

    Thanks for all the help and support you have given in the last few days btw.

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    Player to GM PC and player to player is essentially the same issue, and is resolved. Without linking hit locations to the CT there was no way to get the hit locations to make the report. Again, that boils down to usage. Since I use all NPC's, and didn't think in terms of PK.

    NPC's controlled by players - just need to make sure you share the version of the NPC from the CT. If it is shared from the Library, it won't be linked to the CT.

    No worries on the help. There is a lot going on, and being new to FG compounds. Every time someone new uses the ruleset, there are ways they run the game that I never thought of. If I can add features to the ruleset to cover them, it makes it better for us all.

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    Sounds good, I'll hopefully get a session in with the ruleset in a couple weeks or when ever I get enough a of module for dh2e imputed as well as finish up the current encounter I'm running on roll20.

    I'll report back how that goes whenever that happens and on anything else I notice as I pre test the ruleset by myself.

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