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    I just wanted to add that for anyone that would like to post a game, you can find information on how to do this, plus more details on "Spooktober" at:

    Hope to see you there. I am coordinating this event, so if you have any questions or need help posting your event, or booking a spot in a game, you can contact me on the FGC Discord. My user name is: Lady Shel. And again, the invite to our server is:

    -- Shel

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    If you ever wondered what we do and what the big deal about FGC is? Read this article and maybe that will help you decide if it's worth a visit.

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    Fantasy Grounds College Professor Mattekure has created a series of DM videos.. Now you can go through different elements of being a DM by watching his series of DM Topics on our Youtube page. He takes the DM experience and shows you the various items bit by bit. You can view the playthrough which includes 21 videos and will eventually have over 30 in the series. Everything from the Login Screen to showing how to create NPCS and Encounters and more. Fantasy Grounds DM Series with Mattekure of Fantasy Grounds College Check them out and learn how to use Fantasy Grounds as a DM in small chunks at a time. The perfect thing for someone that doesn't have a 2 hour stretch of time to devote to learning something. Our thanks to Mattekure for adding this great teaching content to the Fantasy Grounds College YouTube page

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