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    Thanks for all the help you guys give, it is much appreciated

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    1st Forum Post
    FGC - Done
    Discord - Done
    FGC Course - Booked

    Thanks for helping reduce the learning curve.

    FG Game - Looking
    Remember attitude is everything ... ... ... chose a good one.

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    Good Afternoon everyone. I am looking to learn the dynamics of Fantasy Grounds and was wondering if there are any groups willing to teach a noob the layout of this program.
    Ultimately, I want to DM for a Dragon Age based campaign. I don't want to waste anyone's time and claim I want to stick around for a long campaign, just enough to learn the game.
    I'm even happy to accept a character who is terminally set to get killed off at some point.

    Please feel free to message me at [email protected]. You could also message me here, but I'm not sure if I will see it and respond to it quickly.
    Thank you

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    haven't played since a kid and want to get back into D&D. need a lot of help setting up character and playing again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustpuppet View Post
    haven't played since a kid and want to get back into D&D. need a lot of help setting up character and playing again
    Totally happy to help you out. D&D 5E is way more open to new players than previous editions in a lot of ways. That said, there are tons of other Fantasy Ground resources to help you get familiar including the Fantasy Grounds College.

    I will not be running Dragon Age homebrew games until about mid-August. But feel free to hop in. Here's my discord for the game: https://discord.gg/SgF2YHU

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    Just joined, its what i have been looking for, FGU for dummies like me , Thank you

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    Smile Join Fantasy Grounds College for a weekend of Spooky Gaming with "Spooktober"

    Hey all. We are having a 2 day event over the weekend of October 16th and 17th for lots of spooky games. We are looking for some GMs that would like to sign up to run a game during this event.

    The only requirements are the game has to be played on Fantasy Grounds (either Classic or Unity) and you need to use our game rooms on the FGC Discord for your audio, and your game should be spooky. It can be funny spooky, straight out horror, Day of the Dead, you get the picture. We'd love to get a variety of games from different rulesets. I have a page on our website that I created with info on how to sign up for our Discord and Website (if you're not already a member) and I have templates (one for Classic games and one for Unity games) to make posting your game simple. There is also a video on step-by-step how to post your event.


    Please PM me, LadyShel and let me know you are interested and I'll add you to the list of GMs. I don't need to know what game you want to run, just that you are interested. Around the beginning of October, I will send each person that PM'd me being interested a DM Help file which will help you with choosing a room, and gathering up your players.

    This will be a lot of fun! I hope to see you there, either as a GM or as a player.

    Lady Shel (Events Coordinator for Fantasy Grounds College)

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    09/24/2020 this Friday 4:00 PM PT (2+ hour session)
    Learn to Gm/DM using Fantasy Grounds Unity!
    1.) Join our Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Ew6nYyw
    2.) Join our website 'with' your chosen FGC Discord community nickname so we can match your username to the sign up roster.
    3.) Book a spot! https://fantasygroundscollege.net/ev...ounds-unity-2/
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    Join our Spooktober 2020 gaming weekend on Friday, October 16th through Saturday, October 17th. We have 16 games available for you to play in, with a variety of rulesets, from Pathfinder 1e, Savage Worlds, Vampire the Masquerade and of course, D&D5e. There are games in Fantasy Grounds Classic and games in Fantasy Grounds Unity. Be sure to have the correct version when you sign up.

    If you aren't a member of the Fantasy Grounds College Discord, you can find information on how to sign up for our games, and classes too at: Sign up for Spooktober Games in 3 Easy Steps/

    Hope to see you there!

    If you have any questions, you can message me on the FGC Discord. My user name is: LadyShel

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