Iím an experienced player/gamemaster looking for a group to play in. My weekends are open so I can play morning or evening. 4:00PM pacific time would be the earliest on Fridays. Iím open to a long term game or a one shot. I have Fantasy Grounds Classic and Unity and have discord installed and updated, Iím willing to utilize other voice software. Iíve got working knowledge of and access to the rulebooks for all editions of D&D, Pathfinder and several OSR rulesets. I would like to play in a d20 fantasy game of some sort. Iíve usually run games, so I donít have a preference of character type, I probably would like to run a spellcaster of some sort. I would like a balance of roleplay and combat, but I can feel out the style of the group I play in and follow suit. Iím prone to out of character jokes.