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    AD&D 2e recruiting 1 player for long standing campaign - Forgotten Realms

    Saturday night 6-10pm CST
    The campaign started more than a year ago in the city of Brenshander of ten towns north of the spine of the world mountains. The party spent a year avoiding death from yeti's and the cold to travel south. South of the wall the group found their way into the hands of slavers and were sold off into the lands of the Calimshaw desert where they are attempting to defeat the slave lords. We have had the same 6 players for more than a year but due to a work situation, we have an opening for a new player. Almost anything from 2e forgotten realms will be considered. We are older men and women who really enjoy the mix of roleplay and combat, it is the goal of the group for everyone to have a good time and their own time to shine. If you interested send me a message or reply to the thread!

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    Hi ! I'm Cameron and I'm 50 and began D&D in '89 with AD&D/2e. I will be honest and say I wanted to play 5e because I haven't played old school in a long time but I recently have had a change of heart and think I would like to play 2e again. I am disabled with back problems so I have a lot of time on my hands. I am new to FG so I'll have to learn the system but I did play on Roll20 with friends and believe it is similar. I love dwarves and am willing to play whatever the party needs. I too enjoy a good mix of roleplay and combat. Please respond if you think I might fit your group. Sat nights 6-10 sounds great. I live in Springfield MO so I think we're in the same time zone. Hoping there is a spot for me!! Thanks !!

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    Hello Cameron,
    I would like to talk more, please add me on discord and we can further discuss the game!

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    I also sent a Discord Friend request.
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    I love 2nd edition and used to DM it. I would be very happy to join your game.

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    Hi... I'm sorry that I missed your reply but I did add you to discord like you asked. I look forward to talking to you.

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