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    Join Fantasy Grounds College: Learn Fantasy Grounds, learn D&D, and then play!

    Feeling lost? Struggling to find a community where you can learn or use Fantasy Grounds without being judged for being a noob? Really want to play D&D online but have no idea where to start? Have some experience to offer and just want some like-minded people to share it with?

    Join our Discord Server! Also, check out our new website:

    Fantasy Grounds College is a Discord community of amazing guys and gals who will help you both LEARN and PLAY Fantasy Grounds (and whatever game you want to play on Fantasy Grounds!).
    Our server is made up of Teachers volunteering their time and DM prowess to help Students (YOU) learn.

    We’ve just undergone a huge relaunch and have added new features including regular exhibition sessions with experienced GMs, adding teachers from multiple time zones (US, UK, Oz), support for the other genres and versions of DnD and a community that supports DMs, content creators, industry people, and artists!

    ANY level of experience welcome

    Voice chat NOT NECESSARY but encouraged

    Every TIMEZONE covered

    Pre-planned sessions ready to go for LEARNING and PLAYING

    GMs who love teaching newbies

    This cheesy infomercial

    Have a specific question? PM US and we will reply ASAP.
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    Well, this is AWESOME!
    rob2e - Join me on Discord!
    Become a Patron!
    Ultimate License Holder (owner of ALL 5E WotC material, and much more)
    Time Zone: U.S. Pacific (UTC -8 or -7; Check Local Listings)
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    Looking forward to having new peeps to game with!

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    As someone who joined the discord server a few days ago, I am loving the community there!

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    I am appreciating ALL the help (TY nicci) from the community and I am really liking the way this is shaping up. I am dropping in on DM's while I am at work in mute mode and I like what I hear....!

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    Such an awesome community!!! I just joined today and everyone was very quick to make me feel so welcome. I was hooked up with someone that had similar availability hours to mine, and after a little chatting we were in a session where I was being shown all the basics of Fantasy Grounds, as well as D&D character creation (I am completely new to both). I can't wait until I learn more about the game and meet all the other great people in this community.

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    Yes, a very nice community. The advantage of a "chat and voice forum" is, that you can be much more specific in direct talk.

    I came to 5e some month ago via these Monday Series "Critical Role" and because my RPG home group is more conservative and not interested in trying new systems my idea was to try a 5e round via internet.

    And I came to FG via some you tube videos from Digital Dungeon Master. So I bought the ultimate license but had some start difficulties - mainly in understanding the basic mechanisms but also in the technic (e.g. how to open GM and player simultaneously like in the tutorial videos of FG or which voice system should be used to play FG) - and had the idea first to collect some experience in handling FG as player in an experienced FG group before trying as GM with a new group of my own.

    I searched and wrote in the LFG Thread but after some days (where I was informed by e-mail when a new answer has been made in the thread) the thread sunk deeper and deeper and as I searched again yesterday, I saw this FG College Thread, pressed the link and the first question was answered: "Discord" was installed in less than 5 minutes which is fine as voice chat for FG. Then I just was busy to make me confident with discord, I was welcomed by a teacher and after further 10 Minutes he had collected a group of 4 people and started an 2 hour test adventure which answered many of my newbie questions just by playing.
    Another nice thing: As we had in the group some 5e specific questions we just asked in another channel for support and got it nearly instantaneously

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    Aug 2015
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Loving this idea. I've had FG for quite some time now and am interested in DMing, but I have yet to take the plunge. Going to check it out.
    Fan of Castles and Crusades/Savage Worlds, just about any rpgs.

    I am in Eastern time zone and am fairly open most play times, but do prefer Evening or late night games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trueshaft View Post
    Loving this idea. I've had FG for quite some time now and am interested in DMing, but I have yet to take the plunge. Going to check it out.
    That's cool. I was the same way. Purchased in 2011, but was disappointed and discouraged until this past February. So, we have updated our Discord server and have assembled a great team of staff and teachers to help out. We have a carriculum goal, an in-server West Marches style campaign coming shortly, and hopefully some industry guest speakers. We are very large goals. You can almost count on getting help sooner than later. If I have the time I will train you up myself. Please join us, you will get something out if it. We are also looking for DMs and teacher DMs for all time zones!

    Sincerely, DM Laerun Keep rolling them dice...!
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    I'm in! Friday nights between 6pm and midnight pat??? I'm interested in dming and such, but need to learn FG better!
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