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    SFS #3-16: The Vast Experiment: Fast Choices SAT March 6th @ 7.15 PM UTC

    Tier 5-8, the subtier will depend on the players.

    Either Fantasy Grounds Classic or Fantasy Grounds Unity would work.

    Make sure to both apply here as well as in the game calendar, stating which character you'd like to play.

    Please schedule around 3-4 hours for the game.

    About the scenario:

    A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5-8.

    Caught in a feud between rival starship manufacturers, the Society must side with one in order to secure important technology for their new generation starship. From infiltrating a gala, to heading out into the depths of space to chase down a stolen ship, the Starfinder Society has a long road ahead of it to complete this mission. However, there’s always the possibility that the other manufacturer may make an offer the Starfinders can’t refuse?

    Written by: Mike Kimmel

    Scenario tags: Starship

    Technical details:

    We will use Fantasy Grounds Classic (I have an Ultimate license) and either Discord or Teamspeak (TBD).

    Steps before the game:

    If you apply, make sure you send me your previous chronicle sheet of the character you want to apply this chronicle to (if you already have any chronicle sheet) either here or on Discord (Fantasy Grounds channel). If it is your first SFS game, I'll at least need your Paizo Organized Play # and your faction.

    If you haven't already, also make sure to either build the character on FG yourself (and send it to me) or log in early enough so you can do so on game day.

    Make sure you have updated Fantasy Grounds.

    FG alias and Teamspeak server can be found under GM announcements in the game calendar.

    Other notes:

    Also make sure to track your purchases on the Inventory Tracking Sheet.

    Be sure to apply on time (if you can make it) as the last games were rather full.

    In your own interest, make sure the party is somewhat balanced level-wise.

    Some boilerplate clarifications:

    Please apply on the FG forums on both the game calendar as well as in the game thread (if multiple household members are playing, one person per household is sufficient). First, it's easier to tell how many spots are already filled that way. Second, the other players (as well as the GM) know what level and class to expect from your character (if you don't know yet, simply state TBD). Third, you'll get notified about any updates if you post in the game thread (at least about the first one). Fourth, it allows the GM to determine who applied first should it become relevant. Some exceptions might apply.

    Also, please be sure to check the thread for new messages occasionally. You don't have to check each and every day or every few hours but please make sure to reply to any posts that do concern you in time. Should you remain unresponsive, I'll give the spot to a player that applied after you (as I won't know whether you are still interested in participating or not). Exceptions might apply, e.g. if you state beforehand that you won't be able to respond due to traveling.

    If you apply but don't show up or drop out during the game without notice, in future games I might also give preference to other players who have a better track record of showing up. I am aware though that life and technical problems can always happen, so don't worry if you have a valid reason though.

    These rules are not in place to prevent players from playing but in fact to enable players willing to play to actually do so. It's frustrating if I have to turn down players if it turns out they would in fact have been able to play.
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    I'll join with Jason and Carter will run a pre-gen
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    Makaresh Lvl8 Technomancer would like to join

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    I'll join with Skriikrii, who has already played the other Vast Experiment scenarios as well.
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    Draca and Crichton Joining

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    Looks like all spots are filled then.

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    The server is up. Note I may only be able to join shortly before the game.

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    Chronicles sent.

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    Any interest in

    SFS #3-15: Frozen Ambitions: The Preluria Connection (1-4)

    SFS #3-17: Clone Batch Catastrophe (1-4)


    SFS #3-18: Secrets in Stillness (3-6)

    on SAT March 20th 7.15 PM UTC or SUN March 21st 1 PM UTC?

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