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    Starfinder Society Reroll Register/Promotional Boons

    Trenloe, as the 2 GM's currently running Starfinder Society Games advertised on the FG forums, Corwynn and I are looking to start tracking a register mirrored after the PFS process. Currently, the reroll/promotional boon eligibility criteria are detailed HERE in the second post. If we've overstepped, feel free to delete or modify as necessary. Assuming no objection for the moment and subject to Paizo policy clarification....

    In order to facilitate the slotting of Promotional Boons (think PFS reroll register), we will be making a register of people who have proved they have the promotional items outlined in the Paizo Starfinder Promotional Boon Program.

    The promotional boons in play for the FG games generally run here are summarized below and described in more detail in the link HERE.

    • Promotional Bonus — Gain a once-per-session bonus on skill checks with a Starfinder Society Faction Pin
    • Promotional Record Keeper — Gain a once-per-session stamina regain or lower a starship skill check DC with a Starfinder Character Folio
    • Promotional Reroll — Gain a once-per-session reroll with a T-Shirt or Messenger Bag [note: current description references organized play T-shirt/Bag and not Starfinder - compare to the portfolio requirement]
    • Promotional Service Award — Gain a once-per-session boon swap with a campaign service coin or Wayfinder

    See post #2 below for more info.
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    This thread will be a register of all players who have proved that they have one of the products listed in post #1 that allows for the slotting of promotional boon.

    To be approved for online rerolls in Fantasy Grounds SFS games we will require the player to do the following:

    • Take a digital photo of the approved product (listed in post #1 above) with a label clearly indicating your PFS/SFS number. This label must be written/printed legibly on paper and laid on top of the product for the photo. Adding numbers digitally to the photo will not be accepted.
    • Create a new post in this thread and attached the digital photo.
    • This will be reviewed and if approved by Talen or Corwynn, your name will be added to the register below. If it is not approved, someone will PM you to discuss further. If it is not clear with the product AND your SFS ID is you will not be approved.

    If you also have a GM nova rating of 1 or more, please download your PFS card in PDF format from here: https://secure.paizo.com/pathfinderSociety/myAccount and attach to the post also. This will be reviewed and your GM rating added to the register.

    Thanks for your assistance in this.

    List of Promotional Boon Approved Players

    1. Talen - 37840. Promotional Record Keeper Boon; Promotional Reroll Boon.
    2. Corwynn - 233021. Promotional Reroll Boon.
    3. Waceycs - 263791. Promotional Reroll Boon.
    4. JackalAion - 247286. Promotional Reroll Boon.
    5. Shaudius - 34831. Promotional Record Keeper Boon; Promotional Reroll Boon; Promotional Bonus Boon (+2d4 addition to Culture per this post when slotted).
    6. Cookiehunter - 319336. Promotional Record Keeper Boon.
    7. Malkavian_Andi - 42939. Promotional Record Keeper Boon.
    8. Keven Simmons - 110961. Promotional Reroll Boon
    9. Mizinamo - 2361203. Promotional Record Keeper Boon, Promotional Bonus Boon, Promotional Reroll Boon
    10. Holgnome - 153747. Promotional Record Keeper Boon, Promotional Bonus Boon, Promotional Reroll Boon
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    Promotional Boon application for Talen, SFS Number 37840:
    Promotional Record Keeper Boon
    Promotional Reroll Boon
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I was just about to do this...

    Here's mine. SFS233021. Promotional Reroll Boon.
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    That is one scary pose - but approved.

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    It does, going forward please include your SFS/PFS number on top of the picture. You've been added to the register.

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    Do we need to post here for my Reroll Boon?
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    If you have one of the Paizo boons listed on their website to use for the 1 session Starfinder Scenarios, yes. Your reroll in the adventure path is different. We have leeway for the adventure path since its run outside of the Society rules even though you get a chronicle to apply to a scenario character.

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