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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank_Jager View Post
    Or for you to point me in the right direction for doing so?
    I've never done this myself, but I can give you some idea of what it would take...

    Open both extensions and see which ones have duplicate file names. Then open the 5E ruleset and compare those files to the ones in the 5E ruleset. See which parts of those extension files overlap and how they overlap the 5E files, i.e. look for windoclass and other object/string/etc things that are in the extension files.

    If you are lucky, both extensions will modify objects in files of the same name, but it is possible that one or both extensions make changes to objects in files that are unique to the extension. You might have to dig deep into both the xml and lua files to figure out where they overlap. Then once you figure out the overlap, you have to figure out how to recode one or more of them so they no longer conflict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank_Jager View Post
    Hi Trembot_89

    Any chance you'll be releasing this Extension for the latest version of FG? Also this extension appears to be causing issues with Combat Extended.
    I was hoping you would have a small amount of time to make these compatible? Or for you to point me in the right direction for doing so?
    Unfortunately I haven't been dedicating my time to this extension for a while. I don't know enough about programming and code writing to instruct it; I usually just dive in, identify the changes needed through trial and error and wait for the next bugs to show themselves. Once I'm caught up in my own affairs I'll put some time in to sorting the current problems.
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