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    Alright, this is out of Beta. Live version is uploaded and should be working fine on both the host and client. Let me know if you experience any problems.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    I think I broke the old-school initiative on my server. I used to have the old one and it worked except for the skipping player bug. I wanted to try the new updated one you posted since you said you fixed this.However I dragged the new one onto the old one and it updated but now I have some issues.It seems that everything shows up except for the name of creature or player that wants to roll and the arrow doesn't do anything. The images are there for combat options but no dice show at the bottom. I have tried to delete the extension completely and dragged over a new one but nothing seems to work. I'm thinking there might be some residual files left some where on my campaign and need to delete them.

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    Its still works in 3.3.10 FGC version?

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    I honestly don't know as I don't have version 3.3.10.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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