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    Converting ERA XML Characters into FG RMC XML Import Format

    Attached are 2 XSL files that will do a basic conversion of ERA XML files to FG RMC files. It isn't the most elegant and doesn't include everything but it should get most of the tedious stuff done.

    The ERA2RMC-TrainedSkills.xsl file will only copy the files with at least one rank in them. Use this if the character's profession is available in a module with the skill costs since they will fill in automatically as you drag the skills to the character sheet.

    The ERA2RMC-AllSkills.xsl file will copy all the skills from the ERA XML file. Use this if the character's profession isn't available in FG since it will import the cost of all the skills

    I've been using the Universal Character Sheet Printer for FG that Doug posted here: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums...Printer-for-FG

    Here are the steps:
    1. Download and Install the Universal Character Sheet Printer for FG
    2. Copy/Save the XSL files to the /FGCharacterSheetPrinter_Data/StreamingAssets/XSL sheets directory, based on where you installed the Universal Character Sheet Printer.
    3. Fill in these fields in the Universal Charcter Sheet Printer
    4. Select XSL File: Select the XSL file you want to use based on if you want all skills or only trained skills
    5. Select Character Export File: Select the ERA XML file (You might need to click the Show All button to see them)
    6. Select HTML Output File: This is the name of the file you will import into the FG RMC ruleset. Be sure to make the extension of the file .XML instead of .HTML. (The program uses the XSL file to determine the output. We just want to use the appropriate extension since it has been formatted as XML)
    7. Click the Make Printable Character button
    8. Import the XML file from step 6 to a FG RMC campaign

    Here's a screenshot with the fields filled in:

    A couple things to be aware of for the imported characters:
    • If the race doesn't match a race name in a loaded FG module then you will need to manually enter the race bonuses
    • RRs weren't imported from ERA since they only seemed to have special bonuses
    • Some of the automation in the ruleset is looking for specific skills so you will want to review things (PP, etc)
    • You will need to manual add the spell lists to the character since they will show up as skills when imported from ERA
    • Inventory isn't converted (I didn't have any samples with inventory
    • You will need to fill in the rest of the character information

    Hopefully it makes it easier to get the ERA characters into FG RMC campaigns. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Excellent! Thanks again!

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    Be sure to download the new versions since the skills will work better now.

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