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    ok since I didn't know there a way to automate if a weapon does 2xthe normal hits.

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    Not currently. I end up just dragging the result to the target twice if it is 2x hits.

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    Will the RMC DLC work with FG Unity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystocles View Post
    Will the RMC DLC work with FG Unity?
    Yes, as one of the main goals of FG Unity to be backwards compatible with all DLC.
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    I would love to see a RMU beta module (Rolemaster Unified). I would like to help with that if possible.

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    IMHO, I think one of the biggest obstacles with the RMC ruleset is it still uses the old 'tabbed' menu format and not the dropdowns (although in all honesty it's been a while since I last fired it up and poked around). For ayone who has only been around here for the last few years, its probably looks alien and confusing to them. I've used FG since 2010 so was well used to that layout before the latest major FG design changes.
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    Absolutely agree! Personally my two biggest bugbears are: 1) the format available for those who create/mash their own modules and 2) the map/combat tracker "disconnect".

    As Gunnar says - tabs are now a clumsy and awkward system (that are also difficult to name) and there is a lack of easy to see text formatting (bold?). At my age I'm afraid I could do with a bigger text size too! Lastly, I've never been able to target, select, roll during combat using the map. I'm not even sure if it is possible?

    That said, I've been running a campaign for well over a year now and had a huge amount of fun and I think it true to say that all seven of us would rather use this system than 5E or anything else out there and the RMC and FG have allowed us to do so. A slicker interface and I'll happily post all the adventure modules I've made over the years for free; RMC is a great system.
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    You can target and select using the map. To target, click the attacker so the dark gray circle highlights the token and then Ctrl+Click the target. You should see the target line drawn between the attacker and the target.

    The rolling is on the combat tracker but you can drag the dice to the target on the map if you wait for the name of the token to appear. You can also drag the damage and critical results to the tokens on the map.

    Hopefully that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Yes, as one of the main goals of FG Unity to be backwards compatible with all DLC.
    You say DLC's. I have created a module that includes many extra races, professions and spell lists. Would this be usable with Unity?
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