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Thread: TORG - Eternity

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    I've saved my decks as individual JPEG files (one per card). I've added the Basic Card Deck Table extension to my campaign. I'm still a bit lost on how to create the deck. I create a table, selected the Cards? option and the Auto? options. Now I have a dialog with a table showing two rows, each with two grey buttons followed by a Label field and the Used? radio button. How do I create entries on this table for the images I have of the cards?
    Ok, so to add additional rows click the red circle with a backslash in it. Now open your images and drag an image over to one of the rows and drop it on the label field for that row. Once you have all of them in your table, right click and say refresh table. It will finish setting it all up for you.

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    Is there any video made from this module? It seems that it is rather to get working with all the cards and stuff?

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