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    Wizards of the Coast data update 5/24

    For those getting update notices, we've just pushed a release of updates to all of the Wizards of the Coast 5E DLC packs.


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    Details of updates in this release

    DD Basic Player and DM Rules (thanks to Beldak for this)

    • Complete revision of these to bring them up to date with the latest versions as published by WotC
    • Revised both to reflect the chapters of the actual pdf
    • Many typos fixed
    • Corrected a number of NPCs and magic items
    • Added Ring of resistance to DM guide
    • Added inline graphics

    Players Handbook

    • Several versions of Clerical Divine Smite incorrect – Fixed
    • Wind Wall Spell typo – Fixed
    • Prismatic Wall Spell missing text – Fixed

    Dungeon Masters Guide

    • Dozens of typos thanks to a pass through a spell checker and the efforts of Kronides on the forums
    • Sidebar for Divine Ranks too long – Fixed
    • Broken links in Horns of Valhalla and Wonder of Wonders Tables – Fixed
    • Changed – Magic items will no longer have a random value. The value shown will be the range as per the table on p135 of the DMG.

    Storm King’s Thunder

    • Minor typo in items header – Fixed
    • Thumbnail which had once again reverted back to an earlier version - Fixed

    The Yawning Portal (Against the Giants) Thanks to astromath for his sterling efforts in tracking these

    • Giant’s bag table producing some incorrect rolls – Fixed
    • Waythe - added a new NPC, parcel and notes giving DMs options as to where this item is (the official PDF doesn’t mention where the sword should be – only its sheathe. The sword is detailed only in the appendices)
    • Various NPCs which were missing some weapons, attributes or incorrect descriptions (White Puddings, Jarl Grunfer & Estia, Obmi, Yeti Leader) – Fixed
    • King Snurre’s Treasure Table not rolling properly – Fixed
    • Hell Hound Cloak with incorrect information – Fixed
    • Problems with Throne Room treasure - Fixed
    • Tentacled Wall - updated
    • Added – Story template and various rollable tables to enable DMs to create a treasure parcel with random cleric scrolls and potions at 3.2.10
    • Map pin link incorrect at 3.2.11 – Fixed
    • Added a new story template, parcel and tables to enable the DM to randomly roll/select Arcane spells, a magic sword and some magic armour at 3.3.08
    • Slimes in the narrow cavern – Fixed

    Lost Mine of Phandelver

    • Links to quests broken – Fixed (Thanks to Zeus for this one)
    • Added – Links to some story entries for ease of navigation

    Sword Coast Adventure Guide
    • Inaccuracy in Half elf variants – Fixed

    Princes of the Apocalypse
    • Various typos – Fixed

    Rise of Tiamat
    • Incorrect encounter at P9-06.06 – Fixed
    • Teleport spell link - Fixed
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