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    lfp - pf1 adventure path: ruins of azlant (thu nights)

    thx for the interest!

    fg classic: gm has standard license; players need standard license / subscription
    pathfinder adventure path: ruins of azlant (aquatic, remote, survival: ruins of azlant player's guide)

    start date: started; currently party level: 2
    timezone: edt / gmt -4 (timezone converter)
    frequency: weekly, thu nights (currently fri nights; seeing if thu night is better for more players)
    duration: 4-hr session, starting at 19h00 or 20h00 (tbd)
    term: long (all 6 modules would take roughly 18 - 24 mos of weekly play)

    text / voice: mix of both
    voip: discord
    recorded: no

    roleplay / combat mix: will try to keep it 50/50
    number of players: 4-6
    start level / equipment: wealth-per-level (currently 2nd); advancement - ap milestones
    pc build restrictions: no gunslinger or summoner; no evil; otherwise, most races / classes allowed
    game books restrictions: most paizo pathfinder material allowed, except "blood of fiends"
    game ruling: to keep consistent and regular pacing, will stick with ap contents and mostly r.a.w.

    current party comp:
    1) witch
    2) fighter
    6) [optional]

    pm me for questions and more details.

    check out ap skins here.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    oops. wrong room. plz delete.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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