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    Hi, some more reports on the AP Mummy's Mask.

    General: The pre-applied grids on the PC-maps rarely match the grids as displayed in the AP. I know this is hard to fix as the lines are probably more accurate in FG (In AP 1-2 the biggest issue thus far has been to determine whether a door is in this or that square, but in e.g AP3 some rooms and boats have become much bigger with smaller squares (see for example map B where one square is supposed to be 5 feet unless errataed somewhere).

    AP 2: Empty Graves
    • M - The Ghoul Market - PC: Secret door visible.

    AP 4: Secrets of the Sphinx

    • K - Sightless Sphinx Lower and Upper - PC: The two maps have switched names and should be the opposite.

    AP 3-6: Images are not sorted into categories like the previous two, but this is probably better.

    Having the modules saves me a whole bunch of time and enables our group to play more often than we normally would.
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    Thanks for reporting these! I will get them fixed as soon as i can.
    "Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind."...MJK...

    Dropbox Link To Maps Folder

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    Hi Smitework Teams,

    Recently I bought these two accesories to my Pathfinder campaigns

    Pathfinder RPG - GameMastery Guide
    Pathfinder RPG - Ultimate Campaign

    The information there is great for building Kingdoms, Cities, Exploration, rule your own business and Mass Combat.

    When installed in my Fantasy Grounds there was no functionality only the same information I already have in the books.

    Because I know you guys can do magic (all developers can ), if you want take in consideration the followings suggestions:

    - Pathfinder RPG - Ultimate Campaign
    1) Tables for all Events described (Kingdom, Exploration, etc)
    - I don't know if possible in the Fantasy Grounds do Dynamic Tables but this will also improve the usefulness of the tables itself.

    2) Tokens with the buildings described (I thinks this is already in Kingmaker, but with less buildings than in this book Ultimate Campaign)

    3) A Image/Picture to fit the Token buildings (like in Kingmaker)

    4) Impossible request:
    - Change the NPC sheet to have an option for Army sheet. (is the same stadistics as NPC with very minor changes in names of the fields)
    - Option to change NPC sheet also to Kingdom or City. With no calculations only to make the fields of the attributes available.
    - Option to change NPC sheet also to Building if the PC own a Business. With no calculations only to make the fields of the attributes available.
    - This means an NPC sheet can have the options: Creature, Trap/Hunt, Vehicle, Building, Army, Kindgom, City
    - I quite know this is only dreaming from my side but it will be awesome to have it, understanding the effort required to do all this.

    Let me know guys what do you think about all this. Which is from my point of view a lot of effort.

    I apologies in advance if any of my words sounds rude or too direct, English is not my mother language and is not my intention to be unpolite, contrary I think all the stuff created here is awesome and give me the chance to play time to time with my friends even if we aren't in the same country. Is only a suggestion from an old dude that maybe dream too much :-)

    Best Wishes,

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    Hi Daniel,

    thank you for your suggestion.

    Here is what I will do. I will create rollable tables for the different events with the result in the chat box (only seen by the GM. (point 1)
    (2) i can certainly create tokens for all the building so you can add them to the building map (i'll create a building map with a grid using the model supplied in the book)
    (3) add the proper image for the token and the building (in the book description

    (4) as you said, at this point it would be an impossible request as it would require change to the core of pathfinder 1. I know tht there is a programmer dedicated to EVENTUALLY add some functionality to pathfinder 1 interface, so we can keep that option in mid (create a usable army sheet, kingdom sheet, etc and a few other missing pieces that were not here when pathfinder core rule was created, but there is no definite (if ever) timeline on that part

    when will the change be made? I will work on them this week and next week, so an update should be coming fairly soon. When it's available your product will update by itself (when you look for updates) so you won't have anything special to do to get the new feature.

    thanks for the input,


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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks a lot for the quick response (to be honest was unexpected).

    I really appreciate all the effort you are going to do, so please accept one more thing: no rush here and take your time, I know mostly all of you guys are focus in the FGU. So take your time, can be in two weeks or two months doesn't matter what is really appreciated is the kind answer and offer.

    Best Regards,


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