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    Are you a 5e DnD Rogue? We have one opening left to fill for Saturday Afternoons CST!

    Dear Sneaky,
    We need a Rogue PC soon...
    Looking to form a positive, fun, creative DnD 5e group. Please have the patience, helpfulness, and willingness to grow this group....!
    Yin=99%, Yang=?

    Style: Fantasy 98%, Tech 2%
    Ratio/ Balance 60% Gaming, 40% Role-play
    Worlds :Forgotten Realms- Sword Coast Regions
    Rule-sets: 5e SRD, 5e Core, 3rd Party or custom rules or adding must be discussed. Please no home-brew stuff for now.

    Chat Client: Discord (Instant Invite: https://discord.gg/R26AK77) My username: AnAindie!#7210
    Fantasy Grounds 3.3.0

    Characters must be approved by DM initially.
    Starting levels 1-3. Make a backup PC, or a henchman if it makes sense.
    Gaming goals: Twice Per month. Saturday or Sunday
    Game lengths might be: 2-4 hours per session.

    My experience is with 1st Edition to present as a DM.

    Disclaimer: *I am NOT out to kill PC's , eliminate certain gamer types, meta-game or over-analyze the game mechanics. Will drop players if too rude, or disruptive.*


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    Hey I sent you a PM and am interested

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    Is the spot already taken?

    Also, I live in Denmark. So I'd be interested what timezone you guys are in? Where do I see that info??

    best regards,

    Roland from Denmark

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    I am on PST, Westcoast USA.

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