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    LFP, Forgotten Realms, 5e, PST DM. Saturdays, Sundays...

    Looking to form a positive, fun, creative Dnd 5e group. Patience, helpfulness, and willingness to grow this group....!

    Style: Fantasy 98%, Tech 2%
    Ratio/ Balance 60% Gaming, 40% Role-play
    Worlds :Forgotten Realms- Sword Coast Regions
    Rule-sets: 5e SRD, 5e Core, 3rd Party or custom rules or adding must be discussed. Please no home-brew stuff for now.

    Chat Client: Discord (Instant Invite: https://discord.gg/R26AK77) My username: AnAindie!#7210
    Fantasy Grounds 3.3.0

    Characters must be approved by DM initially.
    Starting levels 1-3. Make a backup PC, or a henchman if it makes sense.
    Gaming goals: Twice Per month. Saturday or Sunday
    Game lengths might be: 2-4 hours per session.

    My experience is with 1st Edition to present as a DM.

    Disclaimer: *I am NOT out to kill PC's , eliminate certain gamer types, meta-game or over-analyze the game mechanics. Will drop players if too rude, or disruptive.*

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    Hey there! I am currently looking for a Saturday group. I don't have any free time Sundays unfortunately. If your group can do a Saturday then I would love to join. I am a very reliable person and I won't miss a session that I commit to. I am willing to go with the flow and do what I can to make it a fun time for everyone.

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    I'd love to play this. Saturdays and sundays are good for me although sundays are usually best for me. I was just in a game that went about 2 years before it kinda of peetered out due to player inactivity and the DM finally gave up. I have a couple of ideas. Maybe a bard sailor.

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    Okay, make a bard, and maybe a thief, we do not have a rogue yet, also a mage is open... or another fighter type, got a Paladin...
    My discord:

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    Hi! I'm new to DnD, although I've had the PHB and DM guide since I was a kid. I've just never had a chance to play in person so I thought I'd give online a try! I can play either saturday or sunday, and would love to play a wizard/sorcerer.

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    I would welcome anyone willing to learn and play. Do you own Fantasy Grounds? You can join my server in Discord. We have a rogue position open, and also a monk or an exotic warrior.


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    I'm subscribed for the normal version ( I think) which gives me the same benefits. I'll need to redownload discord and then I'll hop on!

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    Smile This group has filled up pretty fast!

    I have to say that the group is filled, and thanks for everyone that quickly responded. Any new requests from here on out will still have a shot if someone flakes or can not play...


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