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    Ruleset Development List

    This is a list of Rulesets that are currently being worked on or in need of being worked on.

    In Development:

    • Starfinder (in development by Russ and Zeph)
    • Traveller - Mongoose version (in queue for MadBeardMan)
    • Trail of Cthulhu (Pelgrane Press) - partially developed but stuck on combat tracker
    • 13th Age (under development, nearing completion)

    Needs a developer:

    • Mojo Rules!
    • World of Darkness (Onyx Path Publishing)
    • Pendragon
    • Shadow of the Demon Lord
    • The Dresden Files (Evil Hat)
    • Wraith
    • Exalted
    • Scion
    • Werewolf
    • RuneQuest (Chaosium)
    • Champions (Iron Crown Enterprises) - Ask first
    • Fighting Fantasy - Ask first.
    • Vampire the Masquerade (partial development completed - needs new dev)

    This is a Locked Thread
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