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    Why do none of the library modules load when I load this .pak into fantasy grounds? Am I missing something when I download it?

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    Welcome to the forums Shruikan998

    Quote Originally Posted by Shruikan998 View Post
    Why do none of the library modules load when I load this .pak into fantasy grounds? Am I missing something when I download it?
    Firstly: library modules are separate .mod files. Ruleset .pak files do not contain library data. So, if there were library modules available, you'd need to download them separately. But, see the next point...

    Secondly: there are no library modules for this ruleset as that would be breaking copyright laws. Base game mechanics are not covered by USA copyright laws, so the ruleset can be distributed OK. But library data usually contains non-game mechanics information (descriptions, storyline, place/character names, etc.) and so cannot be distributed without breaking copyright.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Pratt View Post
    No Righteous Fury. Its not like D&D where the crit is determined from the hit. The issue being once the damage roll is determined to be 10, there needs to be a roll to confirm using the same mods as the original attack roll. No way in FG to go back and capture that old roll. I can get a die to roll a d10, if you just rolled a 10 for damage, but it won't add it to the damage roll.

    Hordes, I am not sure if Shotgun added anything in for hordes, I am interested to know also.
    Yeah, I didnt do anything with Hordes. I just created a hoard as a separate NPC and made the token bigger.
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    Hi Shotgun and thanks again for this rulesets !

    Two questions: First i used the link on the first post of this topic to download the last version of the ruleset (1.04) but when i launch a campaign with the ruleset it says 1.03 in the chatbox. Did you uploaded the wrong version of the ruleset or did you just forget to update the chatbox ?

    Second question is it possible to drag and drop skills from a pc to another pc or to a library so i can create a module with all the skills ?


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    First question Shotgun needs to answer. Second question, you can drag from pc to pc, but there is no library to drop it on to create a module.

    Later today I am releasing a 40k Multi ruleset and you will have the capability to create and drop a skill into a library. The "Multi" set includes Deathwatch support for Cohesion tracker, Hordes, Deathwatch's psychic system and more.

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    Hi Paul, thank you for the answer but i tried again and didn't manage to drag a basic skill from one of the pc to another pc (i left click on the little deathwatch symbol, drag it on the new skill page and release but the skill don't appear on the new page)

    Can't wait to see your ruleset !


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    This is awesome! I actually have the entire hard copy library.. checking this out right now
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    Quote Originally Posted by computertrucker View Post
    This is awesome! I actually have the entire hard copy library.. checking this out right now
    This is no longer maintained, you are better off checking this one: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ltiset-Ruleset
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