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    We're currently using discord in my game to stream video, not voice, as its less intensive than Skype. Our group is in 2 different rooms in 2 different cities, with a mike and camera in each picking up the whole room, and discord showing on the tv in each room. Then each player has FG on a laptop. As close to tabletop gaming as we can get it, with the feel of tabletop gaming in the same room, and the functionality of FG

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    Might want to integrate discord rich presence info into FG.... Might be a nice way for GMs to fill an open slot.

    Yeah, I know, Unity version maybe


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    I am Yuma on discord by the way
    I know for sure discord is able to play music I'm not sure on how though.

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    Most people I know that play music thru Discord use Syrinscape. I don't use it but I'm pretty sure there is a topic here for setting it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hasmine Kekistano View Post
    I know for sure discord is able to play music I'm not sure on how though.
    In case you haven't already found the answer (or for others that see this and would like to know), here's a great starting point on how to do it. Works great.

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    Thanks for helping with this and welcome to the forums!

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    s the invite link at the beginning of this thread still a usable invite? Can't find out how to join the Discord server to ask a question about why all the rulesets in the library are "broken"?

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    You can use the link from the website under Help > Discord Server.

    You can also post any questions here. What do you mean about rulesets in the library being broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wthrasherb View Post
    How is Discord going to affect TeamSpeak? Is there still going to be a TeamSpeak server as well? Is Discord a better choice than TeamSpeak? When I am DMing my games I have 3 different audio lines that I use: 1 for voice, one for sound fx and one dedicated to music. Will Discord allow me to run a similar set up?

    Thanks! Looking forward to new things!
    I use a sound effects set up via Discord pioneered by Gwydion, which has worked like a charm. It uses Cleanfeed, a free sight, plus Voicemeter Banana (paid software but not too expensive. I think this is optional but probably worth getting.)

    Here's a link!)

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