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    The good news, I have FG Unity Beta installed. The bad news, the GURPS ruleset is creating some errors.

    I will work to get these fixed ASAP.
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    Hi Ronnke,

    I've got a fixed GURPS.pak that uses the last release as a base if you'd like me to upload it so you don't have to go back to old versions rather than what you're working on now!

    The fix is easy enough - in char_record_secondarycharacteristics, you've got some comments noted as <--! instead of <!-- . FG treats these as values, Classic doesn't care that they're invalid and ignores them, but FGU throws a hissy fit.

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    I hope the tweaks don't take much work I'm looking forward to seeing what I will call GURPS UNITY in action ... pity we won't be able to make videos or lives ... as long as the beta is closed.

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    I made the same modifications DingoSoulEater mentioned to the comments in char_record_secondarycharacteristics and was able to get things loaded.

    I need to make a minor change to my .mod maker but I will update that later tonight. I have verified the drag/drop items work as well as the equip/un-equip toggling items on and off in the combat tabs but that's all I was able to test.

    I'm about to go into my work day though so I'll be busy until this evening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnke View Post
    The good news, I have FG Unity Beta installed. The bad news, the GURPS ruleset is creating some errors.

    I will work to get these fixed ASAP.

    We're all looking forward to switching to Unity BUT I really don't want to give up using GURPS ruleset. I hope the community (Ronnke et all) keep supporting this fantastic rule system.
    I understand the devs of FG can only support so many games systems, just wish GURPS was one of them.
    Thank you! Put a donation button up.

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    GURPS is the system I use so speaking for myself I'm not going to FG Unity without it either.

    I've verified that the drag & drop items I contributed is working (granted that hasn't been rolled out to even the Classic ruleset yet. Talk about timing ). I only had to make a minor change but so far so good. Ronnke on the other hand has the full set of rules to verify so he's even more busy. I think he was also in the process of adding some new things in for the Classic ruleset. So, we can understand he's swamped.

    On a side point, I'm pretty sure it's not that the SmiteWorks team can't support GURPS but that they lack an agreement with Steve Jackson Games to do so. Intellectual property rights is a beast that can be hard to navigate and SJG has always guarded their IP jealously. That is understandable. I don't pretend to know where all that stands between SW & SJG but I believe there have been conversations in the past.

    We can be very thankful SJG has allowed us to have the community built ruleset. For myself, living in another country, I am glad to be able to still play via FG even if I do miss sitting around the living room table with my friends back home. Not having it would really cripple my ability to play.

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