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    GURPS 4E Core Ruleset

    This unofficial GURPS Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds is developed with the permission of Steve Jackson Games.

    Latest Release Downloads

    GURPS 4E Core Ruleset - FG Unity (FG Unity only)
    FG Forge shop (FG Unity users only): FG Forge Shop
    (Updated: 22nd Oct 2022)

    GURPS 4E Core Ruleset - FG Classic (FG Classic only. The ruleset for FG Classic is no longer being updated)
    Download latest release from here: https://bit.ly/GURPS4ECore
    (Updated: 14th Mar 2022)

    * Here is a video demonstrating some of the features of the GURPS ruleset (it will be updated some day): https://youtu.be/pSm-9Trzd5w

    GURPS Core Theme for Unity
    Download the latest release of the GURPS Core theme from here: https://bit.ly/GURPSCoreUTheme
    (Updated: 20th Mar 2023)
    (Courtesy of Gigermann)

    GCA Exporter Files
    Download the GCA exporter files from here: https://bit.ly/GCAtoFGExport
    (Updated: 21st Aug 2018)
    (Courtesy of Andraax)

    GURPS No Dice Extension
    Download an extension to remove non-GURPS dice from the Fantasy Grounds desktop: https://bit.ly/GURPSNoDiceExt
    (Updated: 22nd Oct 2022)
    (Courtesy of Ronnke)

    * A video tutorial demonstrating the process of exporting and importing characters from GCA: https://youtu.be/CHn7jkM0UFQ
    * A video tutorial demonstrating the process of exporting and importing characters from GCS: https://youtu.be/atTstjdU2_A

    Please report any bugs, errors.

    You can export and import (player characters only) from the previous ruleset. You can also import PCs/NPCs using the currently available GCA export to FG created by Saithan.

    One feature which is not obviously clear, you can drag and drop Skills onto the attributes at the top of the skills section. This will perform an attribute based skill role using the skill's relative levels. eg To do an IQ based, Guns roll, to un-jam a rifle, simply drag and drop the appropriate skill onto the IQ box.


    Suggest New Ideas and Features

    Click the following link to have your input on future ruleset development/improvement: http://gurps4efg.idea.informer.com/proj/

    Upcoming Features/Wishlist
    • Add GURPS Character and Racial templates
    • Mini Sheets
    • Allow the adding of vehicles/mounts to the Combat Tracker
    • Hit Points by location (torso, arms, legs, shield, etc)
    • Heath status and effects to show in token mouseover(tooltip).

    Version Information

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.9.2 - 22nd Oct 2022 (FG Unity Only)
      - Fixed: Client Combat Tracker script error issue.
      - Fixed: Dice placement issue.
      - Fixed: NPC tab order.
      - Added: GURPS No Dice optional extension to the ruleset forge update.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.9.1 - 10th Jun 2022 (FG Unity Only)
      - Fixed: Language script error issue.
      - Added: Toolbar controls to enable/disable range modifiers on map pointers.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.9.0 - 5th Jun 2022 (FG Unity Only)
      - Fixed: 12 point token facing on hex maps.
      - Added: Range modifier to map pointers.
      - Added: RoF changes to handle shotguns. (eg RoF 3x9)

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.8.2 - 18th Mar 2022 (FG Unity Only)
      - Fixed: a minor script warning.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.8.1 - 14th Mar 2022 (FG Unity Only)
      - Fixed: issue with languages.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.8.0 - 10th Mar 2022 (FG Unity Only)
      - Fixed: issue with inventory and encumbrance.
      - Other: refactored some code.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.7.2 - 14th Mar 2022 (FG Classic Only)
      - Fixed: issue with languages.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.7.1 - 10th Jan 2022
      - Fixed: issue with abilities and weapons were not rollable.
      - Fixed: issue where you could add NPC abilities in readonly mode

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.7.0 - 10th Jan 2022
      - Fixed: breaking changes from Nov 2021 FGU update.
      - Fixed: issue with adding new characters from character window.
      - Added: button to roll basic Swing and Thrust damage.
      - Other changes fixes not worth mentioning.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.6.2 - 18th Jul 2021
      - Added: Resource tracking tab to main page of the character sheet.
      - Fixed: Fixed theme compatibility issue.
      - Other changes fixes not worth mentioning.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.6.1 - 3rd Apr 2021
      - Fixed: Script errors related to 0 point Techniques.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.6.0 - 17th Mar 2021
      (This update will make irreversible changes to the campaign database. As a precaution, backup your campaign folder before applying)
      - Added: Abilities and Traits properly reflect information contained in Library data. Accessible via the "Info/Detail" section.
      - Added: Skill and spell point values will now calculate the appropriate levels. Bonus points or levels are adjusted via the abilities "Info/Detail" section.
      - Fixed: Some issues with FGU.
      - some other changes not worth mentioning.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.5.6 - 29th Sep 2020
      - Fixed: Character sheet labels to work better with the FGU Light and Dark themes.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.5.5 - 18th Sep 2020
      - Fixed: Some FGU compatibility issues.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.5.4 - 4th Jun 2020
      - Fixed: Issue with the combat tracker menu not displaying reset combat option.
      - Added: Option in the combat tracker menu to delete everything from the tracker.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.5.3 - 2nd Jun 2020
      - Added: New HP and FP status conditions to combat tracker and character sheet combat tab.
      - Added: Effects clearing to the combat tracker menu.
      - Added: Prerequisites field to skill records.
      - Fixed: Issue where combat tracker was not sorting properly in all cases.
      - Updated: Point calculations to calculate disadvantages across the whole character sheet, not just the Traits Tab.
      - Refactored some code in preparation for the next major release.
      - A few minor fixes not worth mentioning.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.5.2 - 26th Mar 2020
      - Fixed issue related to characters imported from GCS, where Encumbrance Level was always overloaded.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.5.1 - 23th Mar 2020
      - Fixed: Bug with range calculation for muscle powered ranged weapons.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.5.0 - 22th Mar 2020
      - Added: Half Move and Dodge check box to character sheet and tracker. (Clear and re-insert characters to Combat Tracker if experiencing problems)
      - Added: Added ability for items to have multiple types. eg Melee Weapon and Ranged Weapon.
      - Added: Added missing skill types for abilities (HT/E, HT/A, HT/H, HT/VH).
      - Fixed: Bug with auto-fill of combat stats when some items were dropped onto a character sheet.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.4.0 - 16th Mar 2020
      - Added: Injury and Fatigue fields to character sheet and tracker. Ctrl+Mouse-wheel to change, or drag and drop damage to field.
      - Added: Negative HP status
      - Added: Auto updating encumbrance will update encumbrance level, move and dodge from the inventory items.
      - Added: Library for adding skills, spells, advantages, disadvantages, etc (enable sidebar buttons "Abilities","Traits" from Library window)
      - Added: When adding skills, spells, etc to character sheet, values will auto fill.
      - Added: Weapons items auto fill when added to PC and NPC character sheet.
      - Added: Items in the combat tab as linked to inventory. Equip to show in combat tab, unequipped to hide it.
      - Added: Nautical Miles to map scales.
      - Added: Item type dropdown selection.
      - Added: Vehicle type dropdown selection.
      - Fixed: A bunch of bugs.
      - Fixed: Issue with adding new items to inventory. Items were added as unidentified.
      - Fixed: Known issues when using the ruleset with FGU.
      - Redesigned: Combat tracker, combat items for NPCs.
      - Many behind the scenes improvements.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.3.0 - 1st May 2019
      - Added ammo counter for ranged weapons.
      - Some behind the scenes improvements.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.2.6 - 21st Apr 2019
      - Fixed minor issue when opening/sharing locked images.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.2.5 - 21st Aug 2018
      - Fixed "Unidentified Item" in PC inventory issue, post FG 3.3.6 update.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.2.4 - 5th Aug 2018
      - Fixed bug with combat tracker, post FG 3.3.6 update.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.2.3 - 1st Apr 2018
      - Added LC to all items.
      - Added Holdout to Defense items.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.2.2 - 31th Mar 2018
      - Fixed bug with vehicle HT missing on vehicles sheet.
      - Combat tracker will not display melee/ranged weapon stats block of no weapon configured.

    • GURPS 4e Ruleset v3.2.1 - 30th Mar 2018
      - Fixed bug with adding defense items to character sheet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Im first!
    Well done roonke!
    Well technically second.
    Timezone: Australian EST (GMT +10).
    Systems/Rulesets: GURPS 4th Edition.
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    Thank you for your work. I will be checking it out.

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    Thank you Ronnke!

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    45 minutes and no yako2020? He can't have been that anxious for this new ruleset!

    Great work ronnke.
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    I've already found a bug. Fixing it now.
    Timezone: Australian EST (GMT +10).
    Systems/Rulesets: GURPS 4th Edition.
    Campaigns (Ultimate License Holder)
    GURPS Traveller - The Empty Peace
    GURPS Shadowrun - Power Plays
    GURPS Banestorm - Dark Clouds Rising

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    he wont see it because i had posted a reply on his post just a minute or two before ronnke did... Im sure he is not too far away...

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    Thanks Ronnke! I've just done a quick look through and it looks great.

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    This looks quite amazing. I haven't played Gurps in many many years, but now I want to again!

    I did run into an error:
    Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/npc_main.lua"]:35: attempt to index global 'traits' (a nil value)

    That was just by making, locking / unlocking an npc. Might be due to the fact that I run the test version. Just wanted give a heads up on this.

    Great work sir!

    Vires Animi

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