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    Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Ed. [WIP & HELP]


    I spent the last months on building a Vampire Ruleset, based on the 20th Anniversary Edition system. I think it released in the US in 2011, and in 2015 in France. To present myself shortly, i'm graphic designer and a huge fan of the old Worldof Darkness games : Mage the Awakening, Wraith the Oblivion, Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Changeling the Dreaming.

    I used this ruleset for three Vampire campaigns with my buddies (Chicago 2nd Ed., San Diego, and New Orleans settings), and improved it during the last year. I tried to throw more and more useful things in it, to lighten my work as a Storyteller as well as facilitate the flow of actions for newbie players, or dig further with hidden tricky rules that my players and i tended to forget. i.e the exceding move while acting rule, and so on.

    In this process, i had to try myself with the lua and xml code not only to design the various elements but more and more to add the game improvements. I'm rather happy with the one i could bring to life : the dice mechanics especially works as intended in the books, the items types can be slide to fit the one you want to create, the character's main informations dispays on the launch screen, etc.

    By now, i have to face it: i'm a graphic designer, not a dev... I clearly see i have to spend an huge amount of time to add new things and doing it in the proper way. In short, i hit the glass ceiling.

    So here it is : i've spent too much time on this ruleset to let it go unfinished, and i feel helpless in the face of the work that remains to be done. If someone here wants to give a hand in the goal to release a great playing tool, i'd be happy to share my work. This "someone" should be an effective programmer, used to ruleset creation cause the work remaining is rather in mood or in line with the D&D5 ruleset.

    Anyway, thanks for reading.

    Things done :
    You can throw dice against a difficulty, and get a result as intended by the rules : success, failure, and botch !
    The 1's and 10's are colored to add more aesthetic to the rolls
    The difficulty range from 3 to 10, and if you get too many modifiers, it comes back from 3 to 10.
    You can spend Blood points and Willpower points, announce and update the value in chat and field.
    You get an action pages with combat maneuvers and standard actions rolls.
    Disciplines and Skills are items that can be draged and droped from the reference manual.
    Clans are items that can be read from the reference manual.
    Player, Clan, and Generation are displayed on the Character Selection window to help the Storyteller.
    The Ruleset can be translated in other languages. I actually runs a FR ext. for my players that don't read english.
    You can cycle trough Virtues to create Path followers.

    Things to do :
    Add a "Specialisation" function, doubling 10's in case your character is proficient in a skill.
    Render Disciplines as a dynamic item so you can add values to rolls (i.e. fortitude helps for soak rolls, Auspex for Awakening rolls, etc.)
    Auto-calculates generation from the nGeneration background trait (13 - nGeneration)
    Auto-calculates Max Blood Pool from nGeneration (calls the result from a static table)
    Drag and Drop Armor and Weapons in the character sheet, and auto-add bonuses to Combat maneuvers actions rolls.
    Render Clans as a dynamic items so it automatically fills standard informations such as Clan's weakness, Clans' disciplines
    Finish the Health bar system. Works but not as intended by the rules.
    Once the Health bar is ok, runs the Wounds as auto-modifiers to rolls (from -1 to -5 on non-reflexive actions)
    Some improvements here and there...
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    This looks quite amazing I must say. Unfortunately I am also the type of person that understands graphics and not so much a coder. If I could, I would have made my own ruleset, so you're doing way better than me. Even as is, it looks impressive and I would love if it was made available for testing / use.

    As for help, I am sure that if you ask specific questions regarding code on the fora, you will absolutely get help, as other threads have showed. I sure hope this gets completed!

    Best of luck

    Vires Animi

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    A link to the files? Do want to poke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akumashe View Post
    A link to the files? Do want to poke
    Seconding this. It looks beautiful.

    - Obe
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    Wow! J'adore ! If I could i would help you! But for sure it would be nice to play with it!

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    REALLY impressive!!!!

    I've just joined and so I would be lying if I said I could continue to work on your masterpiece in any way that would do it justice, but I really hope you find someone that can help you finish it. Very inspirational work!

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    Welcome to the forums and FG Community!
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    Hello !
    I'm French user
    (possible d'avoir le ruleset pour tester ?)

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    Same thing with me.
    Is it possible to share the ruleset for test?

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    Wow this looks great and just what I've been looking for as I'm a huge WoD fan...any word on releasing / sharing this?

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