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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    That is up to you guys to pick. The Test of Time award seems like it would be my choice.
    Done! Thanks for the great sale selection.
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    Hi guys,

    vote placed in "Test of Time" category since that makes the most sense.

    Just curious. If I previously bought the Full 5E bundle and now it has a couple of new items in, when I 'Complete the Set' again should the current discount for SKT stack with the bundle discount?
    I just tried it and it didn't which is not what I expected. ***This is the result of doing maths without drinking my afternoon coffee first, please ignore, it works just fine - GO BUY STUFF***

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    Send a note to Doug at [email protected]

    I believe the Complete the Set bundle option should stack with the sale price. However, you will only see the final prices in the shopping cart in the total. (There's a discount line.) If you're not seeing this, make sure to use the Complete the Set bundle link to have the system all the items it thinks you need to complete the bundle. If this is not correct, then let Doug know.

    Also, the Steam store and web store are independently managed, and don't know about each others purchases. (Steam doesn't provide user details to us.) So if you bought some from each, you'll also need to let Doug know so he can help set it up for you.


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    Voted! "I thought this game was cool before it won an award"

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    Congratulations to John B from the UK for winning the sweepstakes for Any Item of your Choice. I've sent off an email to the winner.

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    Congrats John!
    Thanks Doug and crew for this latest opportunity.

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    Congratulation to winer
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    It'sd not midnight here and its over?

    From the website for the contest:

    "The contest runs from November 23, 2016 through November 27 at midnight. ..."

    It's 7:40pm Central time right now on the 27th and the drawing is closed?

    What time zone was this running in?

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    Sorry, it must have been set correctly for the date but it ended earlier in the date -- right around 9:30 p.m. EST.

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    Dammit, I want a recount... ok...NOT the right time to joke about that

    So my pal waits longer for an FG client Eventually I'll get him on board

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