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    You, sir, are awesome! This will mean I can actually throw away my calendar image I've been using. Cheers for this!

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    Wow thanks Paul. Just a little question is it hard to insert some little things. Like a new section with the Spells that can work like the equipment

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    I could add things at this point. I am not clear on what you mean by spells working like equipment. The spell sheet currently is a list with configurable spells, rolls, damage, effects, heals. It works like the useable gear, but with even more options.

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    Hey Paul,

    Just noticed something. The TB/SB calculations are off. So in the XP tab, if you have a 30 Str and 30 Tn, the current values will read 4SB and 4TN.

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    I will look at this right away and fix it!

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    Xydonus, can you repeat this error in a screen shot? I cannot replicate this. New campaign, new characters, on the XP tab if I set STR to 28, the STRB field is set to 2. If I add advances, say 5 and the new STR is 33, the STRB is 3. Please let me know.

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    I have a question! When im making a new character! In the caracteristic setup! The starting set is ok! But in the advance if I write Something it's automatycaly make it like if I took it with the experience cost. So it is automaticaly make the sum of it in the current case. The taken is always still to 0!

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    When you generate the character, place the rolled characteristics in the "Starting" boxes. As you use experience the "Advances Taken" should be used to add these increases to characteristics. The "Current" will reflect the sum of these two fields. There is also the Advances Scheme area. These do not add any values, they are a place to track what is available in the current career.

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    Please download and use the latest release. You may have the very first version of the ruleset if all you see is Starting and Taken.

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    Hey Paul,

    Loving the ruleset so far after doing a few mini-games in it. I was particularly surprised and delighted with the impact feature in which the dice will automatically roll 2d10 and pick the higher result, very impressive coding!

    I have however discovered an issue with it - The drag and drop function does not work when trying to apply damage from the impact result. However, the automatic targeting will apply the damage without any issue.

    Let me provide an example: Roll dmg using a weapon with impact quality ticked / drag the damage to an npc character or PC and this error will pop up.


    But it does work fine if the damage is rolled while a character has targeted another npc/pc. The drag/drop function works fine without the impact quality ticked.

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