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    In the weapon set up: Mods : Weapon Talent, check the circle. Then it will be treated as a trained weapon.
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    Thanks for your response.

    Another issue that has crept up on me. I am attempting to input as much data before I run my group using FG. I have added all the Petty Magic spells and have been testing if they work how I want them too work. My first test using "Magic Dart" goes well until I click for DMG to apply to the Goblin. I get the error shown. I am using the "red" blood drop symbol that tooltips - "roll damage for the spell used" to roll for DMG. I even drag the DMG from the chat to the CT and tried to drag to map icon - same error. I believe I have setup the encounter correctly by dragging icons from CT to map. Am I again missing something simple?

    (I have two instances of FG open for testing)

    [edit] Just reread the W40K page on Effects you posted - I'll test them out
    Also, I would like to attempt to write some effects code. How do you link the abilities to coding? AG:5 (to make AG +5 for Blessing of Speed)
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    1. If you are using the hit locations, make sure to cycle the location window. It defaults to "Set". Click it and cycle to the correct hit location. That is for weapons also.
    2. Do you have a toughness set for the Goblin NPC? That can throw the error you are seeing. The game is comparing damage rolled against the damage reduction, a number is expected and it isn't finding one.
    3. When you roll using the blood drop, the damage will be marked automatically, so I suspect it is a value missing.

    As far as effects go, look in the 40k Multiset thread here:

    Download the 40k Multiset .pdf. The rule sets are very similar and it will help with effects. Also look at the D&D3.5 effects guide here:

    I used 3.5 as the base for the effects system. Those should help.
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    Thanks in advance for any input
    Trying to learn effects.
    Is this possible:

    1) Making Aethyric Attunment (gives +10% on Channelling and Magical Sense) as a "TALENT/ABILITY EFFECT" using your "persistent" rules.
    I am not sure if I am using the "skills" in the EFFECT correctly or if it is possible at all.

    I've tried these: (upper and lower case)
    Persistent; SKILL:10 Channelling
    Persistent; SKILL:10 channelling

    Am I using the wrong syntax for the skill? or something else?
    If it is possible then how does the skill "Magical Sense" get typed in the formulas?

    I know I could just make the WP:10, but I'm trying to not make it effect just a WP test.

    I will say I got the marksman one to work..yeah!
    Persistent; Marksman; BS:5

    2) Is there a way to track "ammo" in the ruleset like 5e?
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    Halfront, I just got in from vacation this evening. Let me look at the Persistent set up and I will comment back.

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    Ammo, currently I have no ammo tracking included. We have simply been using the inventory list. We make an Arrow or Bolt item, and cycle the quantity there after a shot.

    Persistent; SKILL:10 channeling
    Persistent; SKILL:10 magical sense

    These formats are correct and work in my testing.

    **Note, in the version posted, I just discovered and issue. Any effect written that has two+ words in the name, i.e. Dodge Blow, Magical Sense, etc. DO NOT currently work! The single word skills do work in effects. I am investigating.
    **Edit Two: I have found the issue and have fixed it. I will post a new .pak sometime today or tomorrow. The above syntax for the effects is correct and works.
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    You are awesome! Thank you my friend

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    New .pak posted fixing effect issue with skills with more than a one word name.

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    Thank you Paul The new edition is almost at hand
    Big Hugs
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    Paul any update on this one?
    Did you checked the new version of wfrp? Can you make it like the 40k one? I mean multi-version...i didn´t see many changes
    Big Hugs
    Religion is an insult to human dignity.
    With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
    But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion...

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