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    Hey Paul,

    Doing a great job with the ruleset. I was wondering if you figured out how to add the dark die to spellcasting for PCs. We have a few campaigns that could be used for, thanks again for all your hard work on the ruleset.

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    @phillipehugo, I don't believe there is an "srd" bestiary for Warhammer 2nd ed. There are no modules for the copyright protected material for public distribution.

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    I made some head way, it's not functional for release yet. Work has kept me away from some of the updates I want to get in. This one is one the list still.

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    Thanks for the update and the hard work, Paul.

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    Some updates on progress:

    1. Slaughter Margin added to NPC: This was easy enough to add to the sheet. For filtering on this field, that has been a bit tough. Filtering is based on modules, and sorting with the filter is alphabetical. Since we have no official modules, there really isn't a way to support this. Two things could be done with a bit of work. In the NPC's library make new Categories, Easy, Average, Hard, etc. to match Slaughter Margin and drag and drop the NPC link into the appropriate category. That will allow them to be filtered easily. If you have made a module, you would need to add the Slaughter Margin Category to the file, that would take extra effort. I think taking your existing module, follow the first method, and export it again. That will do it.

    2. Fumbles - rolling "doubles" to hit as an option. This is from 1e and I don't want to code it into 2e proper. I have added it as an option categorized as "Houserules".

    3. Yards or squares for movement - Added this as on option under Warhammer 2e Options.

    4. Dark Magic Talent - I have it working, it was a difficult one to get to work correctly, I have more work to do on this one to capture all the various ways Manifestations can be rolled. (This one seriously has me in the deep end of the pool in regards to my abilities to code. I have implemented it in a very verbose, long handed method. I am sure one of the pro's around the community would look, laugh, perhaps even think damn - I can't believe he did all that work... lol)

    5. 4e style opposed rolls - still working on this. I have it implemented as an option in "Houserules", but it does effect other parts of the rules. Just need to finish isolating those areas to finish this one.

    I know it has been a long while since I have been able to focus on these rules, some of these requests are a year old or more. I am watching and listening, time was more the factor. I hope to have these wrapped up this week and a new .pak out sometime late in the week.
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    "Time is an illusion...lunch time doubly so."

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    Absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much for all the work!

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    Very nice indeed (again) Paul!!
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    Thank you so much Paul
    Never give up
    Big Hugs
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    Thanks for your work!
    I would go mad if there would be a contract with cubicle7 and wfrpg would show up on the storefront...
    maybe some day. (starting to save my pennies for that day )

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